Sunday, July 12, 2009

Seeing Iran as One Timeless Entity ( with Marzieh's blogpost )

Iranian Election - Picture is by Bahman Sadeghi from JameJamOnline

A 'Creature" Named Iran! by Marzieh

Taking Iran as an organism, I would have to say that Iran is somewhat a mythical creature for it’s not just ONE creature on its own but rather made up of some.

In its outer layer alone one can describe it as being two distinctively different creatures. When observed from afar it can be either a monster or something as opposing as a fairy, all depending on your perspective. If you are all friend determined on seeing nothing but goodness then the fairy will appear to you and if you are all foe then the monster becomes very much visible.

But if you are willing to take a closer look with the eyes of a critical observer then the appearance changes altogether. For upon a closer inspection you will notice that Iran is neither of these alone, but a mixture. On the one hand it claims to have left much evil behind and be on the road to glory and harmony. Yet, on the other hand it encounters so many evils on its path so as to make the onlooker unsure of the road it is to take next. There is a human side to it as well as a monstrous one and so the most important thing is to decide on the side which would prevail in the end. But it is no easy matter to simply fix on one or the other. If the evils which it encounters on its way are seen as a consequence of its actions and decisions, then doom is inevitable for surely the “monster” is leading the way to self-destruction. But what if the hardships and the trouble are taken to be as natural phenomena it should face on its way to power, glory and victory? Will that not help to consider this yet unknown creature with more sympathy than it is now awarded?

And therefore, on observing the ambiguity with which it is connected, you are likely to see the uncertainty of its current state such that it will leave you with a feeling of indecision as to a complete determination of its full nature.

From Marzieh's blogpost Saturday, June 13, 2009 Find the original here

Concluding Notes from Connie - oneheartforpeace blogger

Efforts toward peace between Iran and the West:

Recently I attended a presentation by a US peacemaker priest from the order of St. Francis. He said that when he went with a group of peacemakers to Iran some months back Iranians told of the candles lit all over Iran right after 911 in peace-loving empathy for Americans. The photo he showed was a candle representing these with beautiful persian art decorating the base of these lights of peace. I remembered something a Pakistani scholar said about how America could have "had it all for love" if only other choices had been made after that tragic event.

When I picture Iran with my limited inner vision - the one symbol which comes up for me continually is "Mirrors" and next is "Gardens" ...These and so many other positive and rich "living metaphors" emerge when many of us in the West read with our inner vision - looking for connections and beautiful additions from or about the Persian culture. So when I happened across a recent notice of the following literary award - I was quite pleased - just as some other lovers of Persian poetry here may be as well.

And by the way - how about the following for echoing Marzieh's poetic vision?

" Persian literature symbols exist in a single cosmos and are split from a luminous charter" quote from literary report below.

The Jalal award winning author on his newest work "Cosmos Mirrors"

A few excerpts from "Literary symbols as split from a luminous charter"

"Hosein Ali Ghobadi", the first Jalal award winner in literary criticism category, says "Cosmic Mirrors" is the continuation of "Mirror's Faith".

Ghobadi believes that this book which is about the symbolic net of Shams sonnets...He said: "while working on Mirror's Faith I realized Iranian symbols are not merely single stars that decline...Some of these origins turn into archetypes and are the source of some metaphors and also some myths...'I believe there is no other literary work that is filled with more poetic impression than Rumi's sonnets. In my opinion this book is the most poetic book of all.' For the original and full article here

Illustration by Marianne Goldin.


Khurram Ali Shafique said...

Thanks for your generous comments and that useful reference to the peacemaking priest :)

Marzieh said...

The post is much lovelier than I had expected, and once again, filled with love for peace and unity ...thanks :)

wajid ali said...

you have a peacefuller blog

buland iqbal said...

Iran is somewhat a mythical creature for it’s not just ONE creature on its own but rather made up of some.

Connie L. Nash said...

How glad I am this (my) morning to see these comments! Thank you, Khurram Shafique Sahib for your mentoring and more!

I am so glad, Wajid Ali - that you find this blog a peaceful one. (Much to live up to for the future...)

Buland Iqbal - thank you for focusing on the fact Iran that "Iran is NOT just ONE creature on its own but rather made up of some".

MUCH appreciation to Marzieh for inspiring us to consider the vast reality of Iran.

I am also taking this inspiration further to include other areas of the world. Because of this one vital reflection I am more sure of my lifelong view of the connections among the visible and the invisible -- the temporal and the timeless - even as applied to places outside Iran. This morning I am reflecting on the LIVING networks and rivers which connect all of these.

ReeBz said...

Your efforts for peace are visible here. Hope you be successful in being the part of the "golden morning",when there will be only truth,justce and peace prevail..

Connie L. Nash said...


I certainly hope you are right - thank you so much for your beautiful comment.

Connie L. Nash said...

For Buland Iqbal: I just ran across a little note from a scholar who said something about the One may be best used for all of humanity while there are various smaller entities within the whole. And perhaps along this same line - as you and Marzieh have spoken rightly - Iran and other nations as well are not ONE but several within. Yet could they also be seen as one - smaller case o - which encompasses the several? When I titled this blog I meant the One Heart to be seen perhaps four ways: 1)as the individual - me specifically; 2)as the one heart within each group- ie the nation and/or cultural group; 3)the ONE over us all - that we each and all truly deeply in our most authentic nature want peace; 4) as well as the ONE Creator who's heart beats within our own heart.