Monday, May 10, 2010

More on Ibn-e SAFI from Rashid


The following information was just submitted as a comment to this blog-site under the following post - here OR if you have difficulty finding it, simply go to April 2010 for archived "Ibn-e Safi Reviewed upon Occasion of first English Publication" I have deleted the links which have evidently changed and not working yet look for more to come.

Thanx, Mr. Rashid for letting us know...

From RASHID Sahib:
Some more facts…..Here, you have mentioned three soft links of info on House of Fear i.e of flipcart, rediff books... There are a few other links which may be referred here -- this article is written on Feb 05, 2010 by Aasheesh Sherma Amrita Talwar for Hindustan Times.

Following the directives of Ahmad Safi Sahab and on the request of Mr.Aasheesh, I have forwarded him a few high resolution images of Ibne Safi...

...Beside busy with a private TV channel of Karachi for a 01 hour documentary on Ibne Safi, I am preparing a comprehensive list of English/Urdu articles written on Ibne Safi along with web sites, blogs, Audio Clips of Ibne Safi , Video Clips of friends of Ibne Safi, M.Phil/PHd done or being done on Ibne Safi, Books written on Ibne Safi, Books/magazines in which Ibne Safi is mentioned etc.

I have also mentioned your two blogs in the list. My Goodness! ...surprising for me and all Ibne Safi lovers that as yet, there are 144 Urdu and 12 English articles written on Ibne Safi. This is unbelievable. All these articles are written with a great affection by different writers/literary personalities/poets/literary critics/university professors etc., etc.

I will soon include the list at wadi-e-urdu as well as at as I always like to share my work for my MURABBI Hanif Sahab.

I also like to inform Ibne Safi lovers that after 40 years, I have traced and contacted Maulana Hippy (Muhammad Hussain Talpur) who was the producer of film Dhamaka written by Ibne Safi. It was released on December 29 , 1974... Maulana Hippy went back to SINDH province where from he came to Karachi in 1970s to start his film career. Now, if we will be able to meet him, it would be a big deal.

The quest is on.


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