Tuesday, July 20, 2010

US Detainee Omar Khadr's "Statement of Non-Cooperation..."

UPDATED (See end) Photo: from The Globe and Mail

Omar Khadr's "Statement of Non-Cooperation with the Military Commission,"

"Your honor, I'm boycotting this Military Commission because:

* Firstly: the unfairness and unjustness of it. I say this because not one of the laywers I've had, or human rights organization or any person ever say that this commission is fair or working for justice, but on the contrary they say it is unfair and unjust and has been constructed to convict detainees not to find the truth. (So how can I ask for justice from a process that does not have it or offer it?) ...to accomplish political and public goal? What I mean is, when I was offered a plea bargain it was up to 30 years -- of which I was going to spend only 5 years. So I asked why the 30 years? I was told it "make the US government look good in the public's eyes" and other political goals.

* Secondly: The unfairness of the rules that will make a person so depressed that he will admit to allegations made upon him or take a plea offers that will satisfy the US government -- and get him the least sentence possible and legitimize the sham process.

Therefore, I will not willingly let the US gov use me to fulfill its goal. I have been used too many times when I was a child and that’s why I'm here taking blame and paying for things I didn't have a choice in doing but was told to do by elders.

* Lastly: I will not take any plea offer because it will give excuse for the gov torturing and abusing me when I was a child."

(Very slight editing, Connie, this blogger)

Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2010 11:32:06 -0400
From: Zeke Johnson

See (and keep watching for) Urgent Action (on behalf of) Omar Khadr.

Earlier this week, the Canadian Department of Justice announced that it will appeal the Federal Court's decision which ordered the Canadian government to provide remedies for violations of Omar Khadr's rights.

The revised UA calls on the Canadian authorities to drop their appeal of the Federal Court's ruling and to seek the repatriation of Omar Khadr immediately and on the US authorities to abandon military commission proceedings against him.

Thank you very much for taking action!

Zeke Johnson, Campaigner
Counter Terror With Justice Campaign
Amnesty International USA
5 Penn Plaza, 16th Floor, NY, NY 10001
T 212.633.4256
C 646.853.9779

LINK to Amnestyusa dot org Counter Terror With Justice here

More to be added...Meantime, Follow Andy Worthington for much more as Omar Khadr's case unfolds here

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Duas/Prayers/Actions of Support are surely needed now more than ever...


Connie L. Nash said...

Study and/or go to a trial or perhaps go to Dr. Aafia Siddiqui's re-sentencing day in Lower Manhattan Federal Court on August 16th -- to find that BOTH the US Military Commissions and the US Federal Trials in these cases run the risk of severe concerns. Khadr stated some of these so clearly...

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Scroll down on this 1st one for latest by Andy Worthington dot co dot uk:



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Latest by Andy Worthington

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