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URGENT ACTION - UPDATED (20-21 Dec.) FOOD SAFETY BILL/ INTERNET "Blacklisting": Two Urgent Issues Needing Action

"Kinsman and Leaves" Photo credit goes to the nffc dot net , a US national group which explores and acts on concerns related to those in this post and update below GO here


Apologies for this extra long post but this JUST came in late Monday AFTER posting the corrected report with the recent sense of relief:

Dear Citizen for Health,

Urge your Representative NOW to oppose H.R. 2571/S. 510! NOW - ASAP

Last last night, while pretending to debate the START treaty, our allies in the U.S. Senate betrayed their strongest supporters and, after promising us never to do so, gave unanimous consent to move S. 510, the dangerous FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, to the House for lame-duck passage.

According to The Hill:

“The Senate unexpectedly approved food safety legislation by unanimous consent Sunday evening, rescuing a bill that floated in limbo for weeks because of a clerical error.”

Now Senator Tom Coburn [R-OK] has betrayed his promise to stand firm in the way of passing the bill by unanimous consent, and allowed the 11th-hour machinations that resulted in passage of S. 510 late Sunday night - with an unrecorded vote!

Next S. 510 heads to the House as part of H.R. 2751, with the unconstitutional revenue-raising clause removed. This means we have one last chance to stop efforts by big Agribusiness to control our food. The House meets TOMORROW - Tuesday, 12/21/10, to consider passage of H.R. 2571/S. 510. That leaves less than 48 hours to save food freedom!

The critical moment is now, during the last couple days before the Holiday recess. At this point both sides of the debate are certainly feeling the fatigue of the ongoing struggle, which is why it is more important than ever to stand strong. This is not a time to give up, but precisely the time where your efforts are most critical. This may be no dance contest, but the last one standing will win!

We must keep on pushing back! Please use the updated action item every day, and forward it to anyone you know who wants to keep the freedom to choose what they put into their bodies!

Send your message NOW - tell your Representative to vote "NO"!

Health freedom advocates across the country have made their voices heard loud and clear and stopped S. 510 at every turn - we must do so one last time, and ensure those who betrayed us know we will not forget when it comes time to vote.

Thank you for your perseverance,

The Citizens for Health Team

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EARLIER RECAP (before ACTION release above) first for those new here: The food safety bill (HR 875) was first introduced in 2009 by Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn) as House bill 875. Sounds good - right? Let's take another look: DeLauro’s husband, Stanley Greenburg,conducts research for Monsanto, the world’s leading producer of herbicides and genetically engineered seed.

Question is who has been and is aware of this connection? Even the UN and the CDC have appeared to be pressured unduly by those connected with Monsanto.

The bill calls for the creation of a Food Safety Administration which would allow the US government to regulate food production at all levels. (Perhaps not unlike what the US Gov has been doing in Iraq. They have allowed Monsanto to be part of confiscating Iraqi farmer's own heirloom seeds from decades of family farming and dignity. In Iraq at least this (was/is?) in exchange for the Monsanto-styled seeds and other supplies which like in the US poison both a farmer's independence yet also their families health. The current bill would be likely to follow some aspects of this kind of control here in the US.

So, this bill passed the house in 2009. Fortunately, the similar bill that passed the Senate a few weeks ago (read the item below posted for November 20th) was found to be unconstitutional (a revenue issue). The Senate bill was S 510. SO, S 510 was sent back to the House for passage Dec. 8 and the legislation inched forward as the House passed the Senate version of the bill as part of a larger resolution to fund the federal government in other areas for the next several months.

That bill passed the House, the Senate and the House again only to be sent
BACK to the Senate!

SO, there's some hope in the guise of two victories for us. First was that someone found the unconstitutional aspect of the Senate Bill and said something about it.

Second, even though it was sent back to the House and the House attempted to hide
the Food Safety Bill in a larger package laden with earmarks - it seemed destined to pass the Senate BUT it did not pass! Grace again...

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid gave up on the spending bill late Thursday night...

So we've got a little time once again...

STAY TUNED and do your own homework on your own. Do you mind putting what you find in Comments below?

Sounds like the CDC (Center for Disease Control) became part of the problem the day before the vote by coming out with fear tactics on food borne illnesses. If it sounds suspicious (like pressure from shady places?) it probably is. Unfortunately proper research and science has been missing all along in anything or anyone getting recommendations from Monsanto.

Because S 510 has been caught in so many snags, Mrs. Rosa Delauro has no really new proposal. She's simply RE-introduced legislation intended to create a SINGLE agency. This agency would claim to focus solely on overseeing the so-called "safety" of the US food supply.

Yet, in fact, the actual role the Gov would get is way too much control with methods proven dangerous. When is a name of something not a REAL name: when it deliberately seeks to confuse and mislead.

Yikes kids! (Stella, my expert friend says)

The blocking of this bill (S 510) is a small victory but there is still a lot to do.
What we need to do now it to keep an eye on any newly proposed legislation in regard to this, whether it is from Delauro or someone else and continue to fight the good fight.

This is about health freedom, the freedom to choose for yourself what foods
you put into your own body and the freedom to grow or raise those foods and/or purchase those foods.


For now at least there is no new law that gives the FDA ambiguous authority
to close farms and bust down doors...You did hear about the raid at Rawesome Foods in California right?
If not please look it up.

SEE Dec. 19th and look for "food safety bill dies."

In the article for Dec. 12th "food safety bill victim of omnibus bill, "
the last paragraph reads:

Reid pushed through a bill that blatantly violated the Constitution and wasted time that he should have spent on the budget. Had Reid pushed the omnibus first, instead of having it public long enough for people to peruse it thoroughly, he might have gotten both. Instead, Reid appears to have lost twice, although certainly he won’t give up trying until time runs out on the lame-duck session and Democratic machinations.

In reference to the statement, Had Reid pushed the omnibus first, instead of having it public long enough for people to peruse it thoroughly, he might have gotten both,
Stella points out, "Oh, so it is harder to do bad things when the public knows what is going on~ wow."

This is why I am writing this now.

SO, Plz help get out the word.

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