Monday, March 14, 2011

More on Asmaa - Egyptian heroine of the people

SEE Moral Heroes here

My earlier post on Asmaa "The Power of One" here under which the Moral Heroes blogger wrote: "Thanks for sharing the transcript of her now-famous video. She is truly a hero, so bold, strong and courageous. You might be interested to read more about her efforts and her history with activism over at"

By the way, I just happened to find another heroine on Moral Heroes and am thrilled:
Betty Williams, who once stayed on our little floor mattress in our then teeny little house. Read my comment under that one. FIND here

Another on Asmaa - and since older readers may find the title to be off-putting --note, that I am aware - since I have lots of young folk still around our home, area and events -- this doesn't mean literally what the words seem to say...(smiles) here

Related to Egypt and other similar issues (I love Helena Coban's site Just World News for all kinds of reasons - including sometimes the recipes! ) Egyptian activist Hossam on inspiration from Palestine posted by Helena Cobban GO here and here Dr. Levy - an Israel Brit: Also too little, too late? CLICK here and here


connie nash said... Go to this site for some interesting commentary on the various revolutionary actions in various places, etc.

MoralHeroes said...

Hey Connie!

Thanks for sharing our blog with your readers! Its good to find others who love to spread inspirational stories of peace.

You have a great blog as well. I went to one of the nation-wide InvisibleChildren Screenings last night and think you would be interested in what they do. They are an amazing organization providing a voice for the voiceless, sparking hope and planting seeds of peace in eastern Africa. You should see if they are coming to speak near you. (

Keep up the good work.
-Jensen (

Connie L. Nash said...

Wow, what a nice surprise to see you once more. I really want to get in a habit of "visiting" other blogs and your SECOND note will help me to so...alas, I don't even have time to visit one of my most favorite places, The Republic of Rumi. Great visionaries and talent there as well as your site.

Thanx for letting me know about would love to see one. I worked for Amnesty in a festival once and our booth was right next door. So so interesting, yes, and inspiring, what the Invisible Children folk do...

Do let me know each time you post if easy/auto...I think I did sign up? There's a lot I still have to learn, technically...

Connie L. Nash said...