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The West and Human Rights: Exposing the Motes from our Own Eyes ( NO More Gitmos & Andy Worthington )

Doctors Accused of Complicity at Gitmo: here

UPDATED by Andy Worthington here

Just In April 27th:
Opinion What the Guantanamo leaks won't reveal - Crucial documents on the controversial prison were not released by WikiLeaks, as they are classified 'Top Secret'. GO here


Gitmo Docs Neglected & Concealed Medical Evidence of Torture, Study Finds ABC News - Find this article here

For more updated news on the GITMO DOCS apparent complicity with torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners (or denial - "I was only following orders" - GO to No More Gitmos dot org news here and look around that site to see how your town might get involved in preventing complicity so wide-spread across the USA.

Go to Bill of Rights Defence Committee for a video on Obama and 10 questions concerning warrantless wiretapping and more on GITMO abuses such as 4/25, Jeffrey Kaye, TruthOut, Guantanamo Detainee Files Hint at Psychological Research and 4/25, Ewen MacAskill, Guardian (UK), Guantánamo files: US agencies fought internal war over handling of detainees by CLICKING here

See the following from Andy Worthington ( who wrote the classic book on GITMO - "The Guantanamo Files" ) by CLICKING here where you can here audios, read nearly DAILY reports, read and add COMMENTS, see how to order Worthington's books and contribute to some of the most foundational updates, writing and media presentations available to all concerned about human rights.)

Andy Worthington Discusses the Significance of WikiLeaks’ Guantánamo Files on Democracy Now! On Monday afternoon, after almost no sleep, because of the rush release on Sunday night of WikiLeaks’ Guantánamo files, and after a busy morning of feedback and planning, a trip to central London for an interview on the BBC World Service’s Newshour, a quick cup of coffee and a muffin in the blazing sunlight just off the Strand, and a cycle ride to Albert Embankment, diagonally opposite the Houses of Parliament, I fulfilled the first of my early morning promises (after a call received at 7.30 am London time), talking to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, in a studio in a building overooking the Thames, about the significance of the WikiLeaks documents.

The broadcast is below, and I’ll refrain from discussing it in detail here, not just because I covered some of the themes I wrote about in my introductory article, but also because I want you to watch it! Amy, as ever, was rigorous and unflappable, and I was delighted to have 14 minutes to discuss the story in depth...

FIND REST of this AUDIO of INTERVIEW with Amy Goodman by CLICKING here

WikiLeaks Reveals Secret Guantánamo Files, Exposes Detention Policy as a Construct of Lies

Well, the cat is now out of the bag, and Guantánamo will, hopefully, be closer to closure — and the lies that powerful Americans tell about it will, hopefully, be closer to silence — as a result. For the last few weeks, I’ve been working as a media partner with WikiLeaks, along with the Washington Post...

Abu Zubaydah, American torture, Guantanamo, Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi, Mohammed El-Gharani, Mohammed al-Qahtani, WikiLeaks, Yemenis in Guantanamo 33 Comments
The Roots of Revolution in Syria: The Sad Tale of Tal Al-Mallouhi, A Girl Imprisoned for Blogging

Since protestors first braved the wrath of Syria’s security services five weeks ago, first on a “Day of Rage,” and then to demand the release of political prisoners, I have tried to keep a close eye on the Syrian people’s attempts to emulate their neighbors in Tunisia and Egypt...

Extraordinary rendition and secret prisons, Revolution in the Middle East 22 Comments -- Former Guantánamo Prisoner Khaled Ben Mustapha Interviewed by Cageprisoners

I’m delighted to cross-post below an interview with Khaled Ben Mustapha, one of seven French citizens held at Guantánamo, who was released in March 2005, and who recently spoke to Arnaud Mafille, an intern for Cageprisoners. This is a fascinating interview for a number of reasons; primarily, because of Ben Mustapha’s reflections on his time [...]

American torture, Guantanamo, Life after Guantanamo 16 Comments
More Judicial Interference on Guantánamo

Last week, in my article, How the Supreme Court Gave Up on Guantánamo, I explained how, given the option of addressing complaints made by prisoners in Guantánamo regarding the basis of their ongoing detention, the Supreme Court chose not to, leaving the final decisions regarding the prisoners not in the hands of the District Court [...]

Guantanamo, Guantanamo and US District Courts/Appeals Courts, Guantanamo and US Supreme Court, Guantanamo and habeas corpus, Uyghurs in Guantanamo, Yemenis in Guantanamo -- US Intelligence Veteran Defends Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks

The story of Pfc Bradley Manning, the young US Army intelligence analyst allegedly responsible for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks, continues to act as a magnet for supporters worldwide, who are appalled by the accounts of his solitary confinement, and the humiliation to which he has recently been subjected, which has [...]

American torture, US enemy combatants, WikiLeaks -- Syria: On Independence Day, Calls for Freedom and Protests About the Torture of Activists and Journalists

Last month, as brave human rights activists in Damascus held protests calling for the release of political prisoners, picking up on the revolutionary movements sweeping the Middle East, and challenging the iron rule of the Ba’ath party and the emergency laws that have been in place since 1963, I picked up on the story, publishing ...

Revolution in the Middle -- Voices from Bagram: Prisoners Speak in Their Detainee Review Boards (Part Two of Three)

This is the sixth article in “Bagram Week” here at Andy Worthington (although I freely acknowedge that the original seven-day schedule has slipped), with seven articles in total exploring what is happening at the main US prison in Afghanistan through reports, analyses of review boards, and the voices of the prisoners themselves, and ongoing updates [...]

Afghanistan, American torture, Bagram, Bagram Week (April 2011) 10 Comments
The New Yorker’s Hendrik Hertzberg Criticizes Obama for Failure to Close Guantánamo, or to Call for Accountability for Torture

In case readers missed it, I’m cross-posting below (wth my own links) an article about Guantánamo — and accountability for torture — written by Hendrik Hertzberg, a senior editor at the New Yorker, and a man described, on Wikipedia, as the New Yorker’s “principal political commentator,” and by Forbes, in a survey of the 25 [...]

Yesterday, it was my great pleasure to speak for over a hour with my friend, the veteran progressive radio show host Peter B. Collins, for his latest podcast, available here, which also features the journalist Robert Parry talking about Luis Posada Carriles and his article covering the jury trial and acquittal of Posada, the former head [...]

FIND ALL the above urgent and essential items here and take a look at rest of this site for amazing breadth and depth of Andy's consistent journalism, reporting and courage. (Not to mention the easy to find links to various specific detainees and issues for easier than usual research helps.)

Finally, you may want to do a search at my other site - NO More Crusades - to find other references to the same manner of Rights Abuses in the "So-called War on Terror" where the West has continually used terror to seek address or is it revenge?


Connie L. Nash said...

The photo at top is from ABC news

Be sure to see Talking Points Memo for TWO opposing views of the recent Wiki docus related to Gitmo

Be sure also to look for Stephen Soldz' blogsite to come on the recent developments - Psychoanalysts Against the War and look for his ground-breaking work in many places on exposure of the APA American Psychologists who continue to use the same clause "I was only following orders" - to justify the same kind of abuse the docs did during the best known holocaust

Connie L. Nash said...

Keep watching:

NC Stop Torture Now
(especially on renditions, extraordinary renditions, gitmo abuses and networking for action in North Carolina and beyond) include Shannon Watch for recent developments



Center for Constitutional Rights

Amnesty International

Amnesty International USA

International Red Cross/Red Crescent

Human Rights Watch


Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Peace Thru Justice

International Justice Network

Cage Prisoners

to see expert lawyers - Activists - Writers working hard for constitutional and humane rights along with the many many unsung & quieter heroes

Plz add your own references below...thanx so much for coming by...