Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A father's touching question and stopping the moving train....

NOW, can my son come home? father of John Walker Lindh asks SEE my other blogsite for May 25, 2011 here

I've also decided to add the post about famous historian Cornel West's anger at Obama and why both the personal and public gestures and traits of a person matter in leadership after much hesitation at the above blogsite.

Just as I'm leaving my internet work for the day (and possibly for the week), a thought keeps occuring, is our US leadership opposed to or OBSESSED with TOTAL WAR POWER? What do you think? Feel? Sense? Look over what's been happening in the US Congress and in Ireland and see if you yourself have similar questions, wonderings, doubt about the way the US and the West is headed ... still?

Hard indeed to stop a moving train...yet...we've more peacemakers who genuinely want to connect, grow, learn and understand one another than ever before across the world. We're connecting more than ever across many traditions and on many issues.

We can create OUR OWN MOVING TRAIN worldwide for peace via justice and without the absence of beauty and truth.

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