Monday, August 15, 2011

Despite Crises: The People Still Have a Voice

Congress extends FBI director’s term, but Obama heeds BORDC’s call for a new inspector general

Last month, thousands of you joined us in opposing the proposed extension to FBI Director Robert Mueller’s term. Sadly, despite our calls for long-overdue transparency and accountability, Congress submitted to the president’s demands and within days voted to keep Mueller in office for another two years—the first time Congress has extended an FBI director’s term since J. Edgar Hoover.

The Bill of Rights Defense Committee is sorely disappointed that Congress has again abandoned its constitutional responsibility to monitor the FBI’s activities and protect the rights and liberties guaranteed to all Americans by the Bill of Rights. Whatever our “leaders” in Washington may do, however, We the People still have a voice. And together, our voices were heard. Although Congress kept in place the leadership that has overseen the FBI’s extensive rights abuses over the last decade, the White House did follow our coalition’s recommendation to nominate an inspector general for the Department of Justice.

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