Thursday, January 3, 2013

Looking for True COMMUNITY in 2013?

It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can
sincerely try to help another without helping himself.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

TWO by Two is one beautiful kind of community in many different forms...yet all somehow side by side--

GO here to see some various and marvelous examples of two by two...

There are many different arrangements for community.  Most of us long for the REAL kind: transparent yet safe, energizing, life-changing and peace-giving...Below is a poet and a master photography with some examples as metaphors at least. I hope to keep searching for more witnesses -- especially the artistic varieties -- of the same.

Plz let me know what you find as well...

May we celebrate the community of us all this New Year 2013

Somehow there is a sense of community between the poet  the subjects (and implied souls present or missing) you find these so?  If so, in what way? GO read a few here -- go back through the archives and I predict you'll find just the one to speak to you of this kind of togetherness of Tagore, a favorite and Great Poet by a humble yet ever-so-gifted Bangledeshi homemaker.  See these one of a kind "hand-crafted" English Translations...perhaps many of these are translated into English for the first time?  (In fact, this site is what inspired my own post today!  Thank You,

Oh, and here are a few others which place the energy, feat, effort and maybe some sort of "love" on the same footing between the community of two, whether human & doc at birth or animal/human or animal pairings.  Life is full of infinite such miracles of community.  Let' keep sharing these gems for a richer,
more inspired New Year than ever...

Take a look  here

With a Heart again filled with Wonder,

Notes on photos:  The first photo on the top is of three dear friends:  from left, Dr. Rick Halperin who teaches at Southern Methodist U & has one of the first Human Rights Depts. in the US; in the middle of this top photo is Rais Bhuiyan who began the movement:  World Without Hate and forgave & thereby helped transform his would-be killer; and Mr. Hadi -- well-known as a great -- while humble man of peace...the id of photo is bhuiyan-thumb-350x217-114100.jpg

The middle photo is from photographer Steve's blog -- find in the first link above.  We have helped Allah raise two sons who were born & lived in Uganda...where we also lived briefly.  This hospital scene is quite familiar to me from several places on Africa.

The final photo was found on for 3 Jan. 2013...(just as I was  leaving the internet.)

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robert said...


Thank you for this Connie. I always appreciate the heart-spirit with which you create your posts.

All good wishes,


CN said...

Thanx so much, Robert.

I am glad you like the "heart-spirit" as I do with your comments.