Friday, September 6, 2013

ALL Praises to the "Incorruptible and Righteous Judge of the World..."

Posting this brief item as a blessing to our Jewish readers upon the completion of the Jewish New Year High Holy Days,


I especially like this description of one aspect of The Holy One contained in the Mussaf Prayer of Rosh HaShanah (with wisdom and reminder for ALL of Creation)

Malchiyot - Kingliness:

G-d is the incomparable King of The Universe. The destiny of humanity is to come to this realization. Whereas human kings rule in accordance with the principle of :"might makes right," G-d is the Holy King, Who is, at the same time, beyond comparison in His power, "Vas er vil, Tut er" - "Whatever He wills, He can do," yet He is also the Father of the orphan and the Judge of the widow, Who is always on the side of the powerless.

He is the Incorruptible and Righteous Judge of the World, Who favors no one, and cannot be bribed.

He is the true G-d and His word, the Torah, is true and eternal.

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robert said...


Thank you very much for this. This conveys to me the essence of the truth of "La Hawla Wa La Quwwata illa Billah."

All good wishes,