Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm on a radio show tonight!

U may want to hear the interview with me on the Vets for Peace Radio Show tonight Wednesday Feb 25th or download archive soon? (it's only there for a week!)

WPVM LP, 103.5FM. The Veterans' Voices program is aired & streamed on the internet @ here on Wednesdays @1700 hrs.(6 PM ET) & archived @ the WPVM homepage for a week after airing.

This is from the folk who do the show: We record the show on Tuesdays @ 1800 hrs just after the Peace Vigil held in Pack Square in downtown Asheville. (4:30 -6 PM) (Wonderful, experienced, dedicated community of folk who are Vets from Vietnam and Iraq as well as their supporters! All who want a world with no more war.) Ron, continues here: We have been reading a news item & talking about it, then moving on to the next item so we have as yet been able to present each item submitted.

You are encouraged to make a comment about any of the items being submitted, or any topic concerning veterans, service members or their families, for any of the Veterans' Voice - a radio shows, please do so by emailing The name of this program is “Veterans’ Voices” & here’s your chance to have your veteran’s voice heard.

Go here for WINTER SOLDIER BLACKOUT ((For folk very connected with our local Vets for Peace)


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