Friday, August 14, 2009

Love and Goodwill to Pakistan for 14th August 2009

by Hafeez Jallundri
translation by Akhtar Wasim Dar

پاک سر زمین شادباد
کشور حسین شادباد
تو نشان عزم عالی شان
ارض پاکستان
مرکز یقین شادباد

پاک سرزمین کا نظام
قوت اخوت عوام
قوم ملک سلطنت
پایندہ تابندہ باد
شاد باد منزل مراد

پرچم ستارہ و ھلال
رہبر ترقی و کمال
ترجمان ماضی شان حال
جان استقبال
سایہ خداے ذوالجلال

Blessed be the Land of purity
Blessed be the beautiful country
You are the symbol of high courage and determination
Land of Pakistan
May this center of faith glow in ecstasy

Order of the land of pure
Lies in power of peoples love and affection
Nation, Country, State
May flourish in everlasting glaze
Blessed be the destiny of ambition

This Flag of Star and Crescent
Guide of progress and excellence
Reflective of past and brilliance of present
Future’s inspiration
Be under God Almighty’s care and protection.

Akhtar Wasim Dar Sahib wrote this beautiful English translation of Pakistan's National Anthem for The Republic of Rumi Blog

See more items hosted-distributed, written and taught by historian, writer-journalist, filmaker and educationist, Khurram Ali Shafique Sahib:

“O beautiful land! May Allah keep you happy forever,” says Masroor Anwar (“Sohni Dharti, Allah rakhay…”). “May we see you free as long as the world lasts!”

For more references and music video Go here and here

Speaking of BEAUTY, here is another item from Akhtar Wasim Dar Sahib -
from his "pageonweb" blogpost -- Wednesday, 12 August 2009

ABC of Anger, Beauty and Compassion

According to a tradition of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): Allah, the Exalted, is beautiful, and He loves beauty. What is Beauty? Beauty in aesthetics means a Balance. When we achieve Balance things look, feel and reflect Beauty. Our actions, thoughts, reactions, desires and speech are beautiful when they retain Balance.

Things become unbalanced...when we are not compassionate. When we are not compassionate, we become angry or violent. We become angry and violent when we are fearful, lonely and not empowered.

A little compassion, a little detachment, a little benevolence, a little grace, a little show of kindness can work miracles and can bring equilibrium and poise in a situation that has become disproportionate, ugly and unbalanced.

When we find somebody in need of help to Balance his Life, his affairs and his attitude, we must provide that little orientation that balances, so this person may become beautiful.

Allah the Exalted is Beautiful and Loves Beauty, so we must also act as the Beloved acts.

Find this page here

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Keep checking back for more post by Akhtar Wasim Dar Sahib whom I already view as one of the best poets and philosophers of our time!


Connie L. Nash said...

The Lake in the above post is called Saif ul Malook or Saiful Muluk.

A fairy tale called Saiful Muluk, written by the famous sufi poet Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, is associated with this lake -- the story of prince of Persia who fell in love with a fairy princess at the lake. The impact of the lake beauty is of such extent that people believe that fairies come down to lake in full moon.

A poet and writer from Balakot, Ahmad Hussain Mujahid, has also written the story of Saif ul Malook - published in 1999.

Look for more on Pakistan - the beauty of the lank, the people and the history soon...

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

This is a tremendous gift for 14th August; you know how to elevate the other person’s esteem. The stunning Saiful Maluk at the top amicably depicts the spectacular beauty of Pakistan, and this also resonates the beauty of souls, spirits and great ideals of people of this land.

Connie L. Nash said...

Akhtar Sahib,

You and others on Republic of Rumi and my own reflections on some of your nations' greatest poets, speeches and spiritual underpinnings have gone far to inspire.

With deep movement of heart and moist eyes gratitude responds to beauty whether reflected in another's words or in creation. In Pakistan, the beauty and the mirroring is everywhere for eyes and hearts who wish to see.

May people everywhere notice such loveliness of ideal and landscape and be thus inspired to mirror the same. May the precious and hard-won sovereignty of your one-of-a-kind nation be forever respected, cherished and held sacred by those within and without Pakistan.

ReeBz said...

ConniE :)I'm just so happy :)
This is really a very beautiful gifts for all of of us.

It is is very beautiful indeed,cause of the balance you have created :)

A very beautiful picture of lake saiful muluk,then the National anthem and the details even adding to this post's beauty.

Thanks for all your efforts and portraying Pakistan in a good way to all world.

Connie L. Nash said...

Dear ReeBz,

Dear Friend Hello! :) I am just so happy as well to see your name, note and presence here. I am so glad you have found this post and like what has been created by your National Anthem, the beauty of your land and by one of your poets.

Because of you and others at Republic of Rumi Blogsite my "first" and ongoing impressions of the people, the writers-artists, the origins and the ongoing view of Pakistan are all with such beauty and high ideals.

Thank You ReeBz for being such an important part of this "view". :)

Connie L. Nash said...

Let me add a quote by Gandhi as well for this time of seeking peace among divergent peoples with such painful histories (all of us really):

"We must be the change we want to see"

Connie L. Nash said...

I recognize in part that I may not be "politically correct" in adding a quote by Gandhi yet I do so deliberately because sometimes the very folk who are seen to have made great errors at some point in their lives have still oft spoken words prophetic and of sound truth for themselves as well as universally.