Monday, October 11, 2010

Address Added: GRANTA: International Fiction Magazine's Autumn Edition Centers on Pakistan

Perhaps there are opportunities here for YOUR voice - Pakistani readers - or for some little light of understanding by others? I'm not highly familiar with this quarterly yet have enjoyed some of the short stories from time to time.

Granta Magazine
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Your understanding and voice need not be like any other suggested within this magazine. Check out opportunity for publication in this international fiction enterprise. Grants are also being offered.


Request having been made as to how to obtain (which seems to be a little obtuse on the website) I'm adding this here (I haven't yet tried as seems a out of reach in price for long-distance) and sometimes libraries in big cities and University libraries may carry these. Here in the USA, sometimes older copies are available for free at libraries...

GRANTA PUBLICATIONS, 2-3 Hanover Yard, Noel Road, London N1 8BE
Tel +44 (0)20 7704 0474
e-mail for editorial:

In the United States, Granta is published in association with Grove/Atlantic Inc,
841 Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10003

or call +44())20 7704 0470 or e-mail
A one-year subscription (four issues) costs L27.95 (UK), L35/95 (rest of Europe)
and L42.95 (rest of the world).

(Not known at this time if these prices include shipping - Hopefully, I'll look into this in more detail in near future - let me know what you also find out? I have a suspicion that any writers and would-be writers who may share their blogs or specimen of writing via email with staff at Granta, may be able to ask for a free sample copy sent to them via mail - at least why not try? :)


Thinking said...

hmm...its a wonderful post Connie...

Actually...I really want to buy this issue og Granta but I can' I am not allowed to use credit cards...sigh...

Tell me if you can help me buy it through you and I can make the payment by BD to you?

hmm...well...otherwise I have to be sticked with monitor to read any of the articles...

Connie L. Nash said...

Dear Friend,

I will look into this...I myself want the copy yet found out this must be ordered via UK. I have two friends who may be able to get this for us both. NO need to reimburse...getting this for you would be my great joy...

Be a bit patient as this may take a bit of time. Yet if we succeed we could get a slow mail correspondence going which is one of my favorite ways of communication.

And I have a fun idea as well...

Best to you, dear...

Connie L. Nash said...

I sure hope you give this a try, Thinking, the suggestion added above at the end of the post.

By the way, I've tried many ways to get a hold of a copy of the first English edition of the "House of Fear" by your favorite writer and so far no luck at all...even by mail or trying to get a US distributor to purchase...even asking Pakistan friends to ask relatives to bring here recently from Karachi -- alas, no luck at all...understandably with all one would be dealing with there before coming here for visit...

Nevertheless, one day, I hope to do so in both English and Urdu. Yet for now, I feel strange trying to write any more about the series until I've read for myself.

Thinking said...

Dear Connie...

I can send you House of Fear if you want as a book post.

I just need the address where I can dispatch the book. Please write me email with the address and I will send the book as soon as possible.

I have update on Granta that the Granta Pakistan Issue had a opening ceremony here in Pakistan on 23 October 2010 and fortunately I managed to be part of the ceremonay also bought the printed copy of Granta.

We had John Freeman (Eidtor) of Granta who spoke on how he choose the writers and who is the artist of cover of Granta which is Islam Gul.

Dear Friend thank you so much for your support all the time.

Please let me do something for you too...tell me where to send the House of Fear?

Take Care - Thinking.