Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beautiful PHOTOS & report from Pakistan for Global Work Day 10-10

"Beneath Glaciers"

See two more moving photos from Pakistan
along with the inspiring report on this large, loving, inter-generational effort - GO here

See other new items from Around the World keep pouring in through November...

Archive in the making:
...videos are amazing. From cell phone videos to HD videos...We have a team obsessed with watching every uploaded clip. . . we are having a lot of fun organizing the archive. Soon after the submission deadline (Nov. 10), we'll launch a viewer on our website so you can navigate the archive. In the meantime, you'll notice that uploaded
videos are placed on your One Day on Earth profile page.

Good ideas for uploading:
It sounds like some of you have a lot of footage. If you have the time, it would be helpful to trim it down into a reel of select clips that best represent your 10/10/10 experience. If you are wondering if a shot is worth including, then it probably is- send it over! Each subject can be a separate upload, so you can be specific in the description related to the footage. Be descriptive! If you decide to do an edit of your 10/10/10 footage, please be sure to also upload usable raw clips for the archive (compression is fine, but save the high resolution video for later). Please read the submission guidelines - GO here

Our uploader is located on our homepage. We do NOT recommend using Internet

We are working hard to support all the technology questions that have come
our way. We are there for you and listening. For any help using the site, or
any feedback, please use this link here

Due Date:
Submissions are due on Nov 10, 2010.

We are working hard to make sure no one abuses the community. If a member messages you in a way that you think violated our community guidelines GO to ,please report them and ignore them. They will be removed from the site. We have a zero tolerance towards spammers.

Thanks again! We can't wait to see what 10/10/10 was like EVERYWHERE!

-One Day on Earth

ORIGINAL posting on Sunday 10-10-10

Various 10-10-10 GLOBAL Events include Human Rights Watch -

Some began first in New Zealand ... Help Document the World's Story

FOR ANOTHER 10-10-10 WORLD-WIDE EVENT SEE so far 7,000 events in 188 countries! Find an event near you around the world and/or plan your own event and maybe take some photos - could be something simple with children or a bike-ride or go find an event similar to share here A College nearby, for example, plans an inter-generational bike ride Sunday with an organic farm event to follow.

KARACHI - PAKISTAN We can't wait to see the photos from this!
Global Work Party 10/10/10: Bike Ride and Beach Walk - 4.30 p.m. McDonalds Seaview - Noman Quadri This is an invitation to join a global initiative, starting here, in our own community. We have joined hands with to organize an event for the climate on 10/10/10.

On 10/10/10, people from around the planet are getting to work on climate change in whatever way they want (planting trees, fixing bikes, installing solar panels, etc.). So far, over 7,000 events in 188 countries are being planned around the world, and the numb...ers are growing every day.

To make 10/10/10 really amazing, we're reaching out to every corner of the community to join us as partners and allies. What we're planning in Karachi is a Bicycle Ride and a Beach Walk.

We will ride from McDonald's, Sea View, till Salt n Pepper/Village and back to McDonald's, the ride will end with a short beach walk. The bike ride will begin at 4.30p.m. sharp and the beach walk will commence after the ride. Since this time we are riding for a cause, we will ride slowly together, to ensure maximum publicity for our group.

Don't forget, bring your own bike, some water, check your tire pressure and breaks.

See also the WORLD DAY AGAINST THE DEATH PENALTY events (be sure to add Stoning and Extra-Judicial Executions)Death Penalty USA here
Amnesty I and USA here and REPRIEVE (UK) here

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