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Plz CALL OBAMA at White House to VOICE Opposition.! When/if he signs we MUST do all we can to AMEND this bill and or cancel it out with a brand new one truly about food safety and power to the local grower. At any rate, we need to bring much more education and awareness to the general public - many if not most who go to supermarkets to shop for produce and who as few questions as to the method of growth, pesticides and genetic modification often involved. Nor do they ask who grows this food and whether or not the purchase benefits our local growers?

This is NOT a Democrat,Republican, Libertarian or Independent issue alone and this does involve RIGHTS: Human, animal and EARTH RIGHTS. This one little bill which slipped by effects us all and will eventually affect the whole world and corporations like Monsanto getting upper hand. Many other corporations are likely to learn from this that might (and SNEAKINESS) makes right.

This also involves Worldwide PEACE. All you need to do is a half-hour on Monsanto and Iraqi farmers to see what happens when western corporations wreck a whole farming environment where for hundreds of years families have survived by the same.

SEE the report after the vote.here

The opposition believes that the controversial Bill will may make it ILLEGAL to GROW, SHARE OR TRADE HOME-GROWN FOOD! It may also force small farmers and food processors into burdensome and excessive requirements. It may give large corporations such as Monsanto CONTROL OVER US SEED and put US food and farms under the Department of Homeland Security.

SO, what is this if NOT about controlling the masses with the least common denominator at best and fascism at worst?

Unfortunately, many people will be deeply saddened by the approval.Read more at Suite101: S510 Food Safety Act APPROVED! Headed to OBAMA

THE consoling part is that so many voted AGAINST this bill showing that with more activism, the people who are for THE PEOPLE and the small farmers/gardeners/promoters of organic and non-processed food may eventually once again get the upper hand.



KEEP your comment short and ask receptionist your plea is NO to the current food safety bill HR 2751 since it is NOT about true food safety but rather allows Gov and Corporate interests to have UNDUE control over our family and small farms.

CALL 202 224-3121 and ASK for your State's Representative(s)

IF it's busy, go DIRECTLY to your Rep's home office and register your URGENT plea.

SEE House.gov here
For NAMES of your state's representatives: Finding your state's Representative here or cut past and send http://www.house.gov/house/MemberWWW_by_State.shtml you can also add # and your state's abbreviation) for QUICK search -- FOR example, you can find ALL your states representatives in NC by going http://www.house.gov/house/MemberWWW_by_State.shtml#nc

(and I often say that I'm voting FOR/ALONG with my family members and give the complete number of people in household.)

AND/or for more info GO to USA.gov here Contact USA Representatives (Save these URLs for ALL Gov. officials along with those above for later date as well.)

Although a technical/unconstitutional revenue-raising clause has been removed the newest version is JUST as problematic as ever.

This is not a bill about food safety. It is about food control and profitability in the interests of large agriculture corporations. SEE MIKE's COMMENT below this announcement:

PLZ CALL the national Representative(s) from your state. (ALL your state's Representative whether Republican or Democrat.) Ask her/him to WAIT or NOT vote until this becomes in FACT about Food Safety and is not attached to Government control of family, organic and local farms.

ACTION: Calls to ALL Representatives by EARLY TUESDAY are NEEDED ALL across the US from Citizens. (Let your Representative KNOW how many people in your household you represent.) Some legislators are attempting to force passing of a MOCK food safety Bill without study available to legislators and the PUBLIC. This FALSE Safety Bill is about ruthless/detrimental government control.

Drive-By Media: Food "safety" bill still lives in Lame-Duck Congress
BY Gregory B. Hladky Hartford Advocate Monday, December 20, 2010 12:39 pm

To the surprise of many, the food-safety reform legislation that had been stalled in Congress because of technical problems won renewed life Sunday when the U.S. Senate managed to pass a revised version of the legislation.

An earlier measure that cleared the Senate last month had gotten hung up because it included fees and other fiscal matters that are supposed to start in the U.S. House. Critics of the legislation were hoping those problems would prevent passage in the final days of this lame-duck session.

Now, all that has to happen is for House lawmakers to act quickly before everybody goes home for the holidays.

Questions or comments? (To Editor of Hartford Advocate) Email editor@hartfordadvocate.com

THIS COMMENT (found under the news above)SUMMARIZES THE PROBLEMS with passing this bill AS IT NOW STANDS.

Mike - This bill scares me -- This is not a bill about food safety. It is about food control and profitability in the interests of large agriculture corporations. I want to know where my food comes from and I would like to be able to grow it myself and feed my local community without the USDA taxing me for it. Farming is a job that embodies what being American means. It is about independence and self sufficiency.

Why is our government placing legislative controls on feeding our community through farms? I know many young people, and I am one of them, who are asking this question.


If you have time and want to read more history, GO to November 20th on this site or CLICK here


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CO-Existence with Monsanto is neither safety nor health




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