Saturday, September 17, 2011

Afghanistan News & Worldwide CALL: the Center for Creative Non-Violence

Arab Spring, European Summer, United States Autumn? September 21st seems a good day to ring in a season of change. It's the International Day of Peace, and the date not only of the UN's planned vote on Palestinian statehood (see below), but the latest "Global Day of Listening."

We're hosting this international call along with the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers, Afghans For Peace, and the Iraqi & American Reconciliation Project. Find out below how to join in the discussion! Looking ahead to the start of the Washington D.C. Freedom Square occupation, and the tenth anniversary of the start of our Afghan war, the time is right for bringing in our harvest of peace and doing what we can now to get ourselves and our neighbors through the winters to come. Read the rest of this article and other items in original posting here

Here's a sampler

Our First Week in Kabul
by Jody Mackey
September 13, 2011 Clean Water Project Diary blog entry

Do I begin with stories of hope or hardship? Let's talk of the harder realities first and save the sweetness for last... we walk down the hill overlooking the infamous Olympic stadium known for public executions that is now a field of green before the dusty expanse of Kabul.

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Stop the Machine: Create a New World!

October 2011 will mark the start of the 11th year of the invasion of Afghanistan and the onset of the 2012 US federal budget, which provides unlimited funds for war and corporate welfare, yet withholds essential funds for services that meet human needs.

Starting on October 6, 2011, thousands of concerned Americans will assemble in Freedom Plaza, in Washington DC to take control of our country and our lives. We will occupy the plaza and hold a People's Assembly where we come up with just and sustainable solutions to the crises we face and demand that these solutions be presented and that the people's needs be addressed. We will plan and engage in creative acts of civil resistance and demand that our inherent rights and freedoms be protected, and that our children have a chance to live in peace,to breathe clean air, and to grow edible natural food.

Will you stand with us and denounce the systems and institutions that support endless war and unrestrained corporate greed ?

Connect with a U.S. "Tahrir Square" demonstration at

Be sure to Read the posts below and Act to help the suffering victims of two terrific years of flooding in the Sindh area of Pakistan!

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