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Updated: Pakistan Devasted Flood Victims: CONTACT EDHI FOUNDAITON (To help support flood victims)

PAKISTAN: Children worst hit by new flooding disaster - AlertNet
Published 16 Sep 2011 16:14. Source: Muhammad Khalid, a volunteer with the charitable Edhi Foundation GO here

Edhi Foundation | The Flood Relief Blog
A platform to support the Flood affected people of Pakistan ... PESHAWAR: Fears grew Monday about outbreaks of disease among 1.5 million people affected by Pakistan’s worst - CLICK here

Another UPDATES (a few days ago) on PAKISTAN residents/displaced due to the flooding in Sindh area:

Dear Friends,

Obviously, the rain has stopped. The flood water flowing from breaches
has panicked the residents of Sanghar, Shahdadpur, Tando Allahyar,
Kunri in Umerkot districts and adjoining areas. The flood water
entered the Sanghar city, where people were feeling unsafe, because
there is no safe way to shift their families out. Similar is the
situation of people in Tando Allahyar,Badin, Thatta and worst affected
Kunri, where hundreds of families are still marooned, calling for the
help. There are fears all around that besides Sanghar, the two
district headquarters, Tando Allahyar and Mirpurkhas might be
inundated by the flood water.


Water has entered the Sanghar city, flowing to low-lying areas.
Residents cannot move to safer places. There is no water for drinking,
hence crowds can be seen at hand pumps and such water facilities in
the city neighborhoods. Uncertainty is everywhere. There is acute food
shortage and prices of all items have increased.

The affected people were critic against the district government
Sanghar, saying it has received trucks loaded with relief goods for
the flood victims. But irony is that instead of distributing these
goods, the same are being dumped in warehouses, benefitting the well
wishers of political influential people and legislators. The
government is depriving real victims, they said. Hundreds of families
are living along road sides everywhere, demanding food, shelter and
potable water. it was observed that there is lack of coordination
within the government departments, whose officials are reluctant to
share updates of losses.


People displaced form different areas of Badin district are traveling
to Thatta mountainous areas, specially pouring in to Makli graveyard.
More than 2000 affected people have come to Makli graveyard, living in
relief camps established there. During evacuation and Rescue, . Mostly
they are demanding potable water and food at urgent level.


A tent city has been established into the under construction building
of district jail by district government Thatta for flood-affected
families travelling from Badin. Presently, More than 2000 affected
people have come to Makli graveyard,40 families are staying there.
Government has extended support to accommodate them, providing food
and water to them there.

Use of latrines

The flood water has created problems for women. The latrines should be
constructed . Women used the latrines. It solved their protection
issue in good way.


. Due to lack of fodder and drinking contaminated drain water,
livestock, got sick.

Shoaib Habib Memon
Cell.0314 2090252


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