Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monsanto according to Source Watch

Image found at SourceWatch.org
(A highly-respected analysis group)
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I wonder if the White House and the White House gardeners read this report - even the small excerpt below before allowing (inviting?)such a cozy relationship with this increasingly octopus-like corporation with tentacles around the world?

According to Source Watch:

"...Monsanto has become symbolic of the greed, arrogance, scandal and hardball business practices of many multinational corporations.

'Less well known is that Monsanto was heavily involved in the creation of the first nuclear bomb for the Manhattan Project during WWII via its facilities in Dayton, Ohio.

'The Dayton Project was headed by Charlie Thomas, Director of Monsanto's Central Research Department. He later became the company's president.

'Monsanto also operated a nuclear facility for the federal government in Miamisburg, Ohio, called the Mound Project, until the 1980s."...

"In 1967, Monsanto entered into a joint venture with IG Farben. (The) German chemical firm that was the financial core of the Hitler regime, and was the main supplier of Zyklon-B to the German government during the extermination phase of the Holocaust."

"...IG Farben was not dissolved until 2003." (quotes indicate direct wording from Source Watch) End excerpt

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