Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Weaver - A Weaving (a student poem)

This is a poem written by a Brevard College Student - published in "Chiaroscuro"*
a collection of small pieces of art, poetry, short story, photography - just out. I found the booklet and poem in the Brevard College Library where I sometimes work.

Here it is:

I am the Weaver, I am the Woven One

By Harmony Blue Whitt

I am not white.
I am not a woman.
I am not a North Carolinian.
I am not an American.
I am not "better."

I am no one.
I am everyone.

I am human.
I am flesh.
I am bone and blood.

And I cry like you,
laugh like you,
breathe, and bleed like you.

There are no lines that physically
keep us where we are.

This is my world.
This is our world.

Our fellow humans, brothers and sisters,
are hurting.
Crying out for our hand, for our voice,
to lift up,
to heal.

I have just destroyed,
torn down,
the invisible wall
that has kept us separated
keeping us in our blissful ignorance.

There are no lines now.
No borders.

We are a Circle of holding hands.
We see all.
We feel all.
We are beautiful, dynamic, and strong.

We are One.

(photo of oriental weaving found on

* CHIAROSCURO - The name of the art booklet this poem is in - is pronounced KE-AR-UH-SKYOOR-O and means: The treatment of light and shade in art to produce the illusion of depth.


Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

extremely powerful and beautiful.

CN said...

Thank You, Dar Sahib. Yes, I felt the same. What depth we elder can gain from such purity in such a young soul.

CN said...

For those who appreciated this poem, I want to also share another:

CN said...

A writer-friend just sent this one today:

The Day Beauty Divorced Meaning
by Leslie Harrison,

Their friends looked shocked—said not possible, said how sad. The trees carried on with their treeish lives—stately except when
they shed their silly dandruff of birds. And the ocean did what oceans mostly do—
suspended almost everything, dropped one small ship, or two.

The day beauty divorced
meaning, someone picked a flower, a fight, a flight.
Someone got on a boat.
A closet lost its suitcases. Someone was snowed in...The sun went down
and all it was, was night.

CN said...