Monday, July 2, 2012

Your Breath

O Love, O pure deep Love --
Be here, be here, be now.

Be all.

Worlds dissolve
into Your stainless radiance.

Frail living leaves
burn with You --
brighter than cold stars.

Make me Your servant,
Your breath, Your core.



The first photo is also by Tabassum Khalid -- an illustration of Allama Iqbal's
visionary journey as published in The Illustrated Javidnama. 


robert said...


Beautiful pictures and words. Thank you.

All good wishes,


CN said...

Hello Robert, so glad you came by and shukria for your encouraging words as always.

All good wishes and prayers to you.

Laura said...

beautiful...I'd never read this rumi poem is exquisite. thank you for sharing it with us.

CN said...

Thanx for coming by, Laura. I see
you have a most interesting set of
experiences and interests as well.
Plz share a few of your favorite poems with me from time to time: or here on this site.