Thursday, November 29, 2012

Davids Who Oppose Israel's Use of King David

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Davids Oppose Israel's Use of King David

One tool being employed by the government of Israel to evict Palestinian people from their homes is the claim that doing so will allow archaeologists to discover historical evidence of the existence of King David. Such evidence is intended to strengthen the claim that Jews are returning to land occupied by Jews millennia ago.

Yet the living people moved off their land by Israeli expansion are denied any right to return to it.

The King David in the book of Samuel is greedy and cruel, thoughtless of the pain he causes others. David is punished for his actions, but appears to learn nothing from the punishment. The lesson that Nathan attempts to teach David, to condemn evil actions in oneself that one would condemn in others, is a difficult lesson to learn.

We encourage the government of Israel to try.

David R. Applebaum, professor, USA

David Bacon, photographer, USA

David Barkham, film-production-designer, South Africa

David Berrian, videographer, USA

David Cobb, activist, USA

David Earnhardt, filmmaker, USA

David Finke, printer, USA

David Graeber, anthropologist, UK
David Scott Halenda, rambler, USA

David Hartsough, activist, USA

David Lindorff, reporter, USA

David McGiffen, atheist, UK

David McReynolds, activist, USA

David Meserve, activist, USA

David Norris, city council member, USA

David Rovics, musician, USA

David Rubinson, activist, France

David Schaich, physicist, USA

David Solnit, author, USA

David Swanson, author, USA

[growing list of Davids]


CN said...

The following is not necessarily representing the above item...yet shows yet other persons and groups --including Israelis and Jews which oppose Israeli treatment of Palistinians today:

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Rabbi Michael Lerner: Israel cannot achieve security by dominating Palestinians He says the powerful should show more generosity to the relatively powerless Israel, U.S. should support Palestinian move for nonmember state status at the U.N., he says Lerner: Hamas serves Netanyahu's aim of marginalizing the Palestinian Authority

Be sure to see the 100 Christian leaders who comment the UN to accept Palestine as a member...

CN said...

See the 100 leaders in Nov archive posts...with items in the comment section

CN said...

I definitely struggle with the inequities (I read that Israel plans to build thousands of new homes again...where? I haven't studied this yet & hope it's not another of many broken promises not to build more settlements.)

At the same time, I love these two people whom I keep revisiting over the years for their deep understanding of forgiveness: