Sunday, August 31, 2008

NEW ORLEANS: BEST GROUP TO SUPPORT! Need a Contact? Have a Story?

BEST NEW ORLEANS GROUP TO SUPPORT--You may want to specify if it's for Victims of Gustave...

Justice For New Orleans

Bill Quigley, Human Rights Lawyer is key person at this group...he has been writing the New Orleans Journals which have been posted below on this weblog (find them also by going to the columns on the right. Seems this is the best email for him at the moement:

Friends: I am having some problems getting timely emails at this address. I am able to check it but not as frequently as Please change my address to when you get a chance. Peace, Bill Q

I plan to post a few more phone numbers for these folk soon...


Go just beyond the photos for some contact IF YOU NEED HELP...

CONTACTS FOR HELP & TO SEE HOW TO HELP ON THE GROUND IN & NEAR NEW ORLEANS--Kali Akuno 510.593.3956 (please text if no answer if possible) or
Lydia 314-537-0537 (C) 770-559-1461 land line Molly 510-847-6101 (C)

Also try who seems to be working round the clock & is a go-between among reporters, newspapers and folk on the ground...

SEND big stories & leads to Bob Herbert OP Ed The New York Times

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