Monday, October 6, 2008

Remembrances J.L. Chestnut, Campaigning For Rights In Selma

J. L. Chestnut Jr. First African-American attorney in Selma, Alabama. Close friend of Martin Luther King.

There are so many lessons in this humble hero's life--so current for all of us today...please listen when you get a's near the top of Terry Gross interviews on Fresh Air (Come back in a few days for more on Chestnut)

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Fresh Air from WHYY, October 3, 2008 · As the first African-American attorney in Selma, Ala., J.L. Chestnut Jr. campaigned to free jailed Civil Rights activists in the 1960s — an effort he detailed in his autobiography, Black In Selma. Chestnut died of kidney failure on Sept. 30; he was 77.

This interview was originally broadcast Aug. 9. 1990.

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