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US Constitution/Bill of Rights ALERT

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Oct 30, 2008, Web Wire, Federal Court Allows Bush Administration To Withhold Records Detailing Torture And Abuse Of Guantánamo Prisoners

Oct 30, 2008, Andrew Kalloch, Harvard Law Record, Report details medical evidence of detainee abuse

Oct 30, 2008, Andrew C. Martel, Morning Call, Politics influences CIA decisions, ex-agent tells Moravian College

Oct 30, 2008, Tarah Park, Jurist, Torture prevention provisions in US-Iraq security agreement needed: HRW

Oct 30, 2008, David McFadden, Fox News, 3 from NY terror case to testify at Gitmo trial

Oct 29, 2008, Eric Umansky, Pro Publica, Pentagon Investigating Gitmo Abuse? Who Knows

Oct 29, 2008, Media Newswire, Guantanamo Detainee Defenders to Receive Top Urban Morgan Honor

Oct 29, 2008, David Schanzer, News Observer, Ending the Gitmo disaster

Oct 29, 2008, Leslie Schulman, Jurist, US military judge excludes confession of Guantanamo detainee from trial

Oct 28, 2008, Carol Rosenberg, Miami (FL) Herald, Marine judge orders access to secret Gitmo prison camp

Oct 28, 2008, Devin Montgomery, Jurist, Federal judge rules on meaning of 'enemy combatant'

Oct 28, 2008, Andy Worthington,, The Collapse of Omar Khadr's Guantánamo Trial

Oct 28, 2008, Julie Bykowicz, Baltimore Sun, Spying subjects allowed lawyers, copies of records

Oct 28, 2008, Peter T. Smith, Telegraph Journal (Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada), Will next president ban torture?

Oct 28, 2008, Jane Sutton, Reuters, Guantanamo man tortured into confessing: U.S. judge

Oct 28, 2008, Bruce Fein, Washington Times, Erosion on the Hill

Oct 27, 2008, Steve Czajkowski, Jurist, Former Guantanamo tribunals advisor target of military ethics probe

Oct 27, 2008, Ken Ballen, Peter Bergen, Foreign Policy, The Worst of the Worst?

Oct 26, 2008, Jurist, Detention of Uighurs at Guantanamo is inconsistent with US notions of justice

Oct 26, 2008, Devin Montgomery, Jurist, Torture still widespread despite international conventions: UN expert

Oct 26, 2008, David Wood, Baltimore Sun, Spying NSA's failures

Oct 26, 2008, Associated Press, Air Force Probes General For Actions at Guantanamo

Oct 26, 2008, Boston Globe, Congress must probe eavesdropping

Oct 25, 2008, Associated Press, Guantanamo trial for Canadian delayed

Oct 24, 2008, ACLU, ACLU calls on the Inspectors General of the Intelligence Agencies to Follow the Law and Provide a Public Report on U.S. Wiretapping

Oct 24, 2008, Associated Press, Guantanamo guards struggle with hunger striker

Oct 24, 2008, Kathleen Taylor, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, It's time to begin restoring lost liberties

Oct 24, 2008, Charlie Savage, New York Times, Administration to Bypass Reporting Law

Oct 23, 2008, Ted Rall, State Journal-Register (Springfield, IL), Next president's first act should be to close Gitmo

Oct 23, 2008, Stacy Sullivan, Salon, Confessions of a former Guantánamo prosecutor

Oct 23, 2008, Meg Kinnard, Associated Press, Former generals support accused combatant's case

Oct 23, 2008, Web Wire, ACLU Monitoring Unconstitutional Guantánamo Military Commissions This Week

Oct 23, 2008, Peter Finn, Washington Post, U.S. Pressed to Turn Over Detainee Papers

Oct 23, 2008, Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball, Newsweek, Can't Touch This

Oct 23, 2008, Carol Rosenberg, Miami (FL) Herald, Pentagon accuses 2 Kuwaitis of war crimes

Oct 23, 2008, Malcolm Nance, Jurist, New Pentagon policy for interrogation oversight is an outbreak of common sense

Oct 23, 2008, Jordan Paust, Jurist, The Case Against a National Security Court

Oct 22, 2008, Barnett R. Rubin and Ahmed Rashid, Foreign Affairs, From Great Game to Grand Bargain

Oct 22, 2008, William Fisher,, Freedom Recedes for Uighurs at Guantanamo

Oct 22, 2008, Randall Mikkelsen, Reuters, FBI chief to stay on under new president, aide says

Oct 22, 2008, Frederick News-Post (MD), Abusive listening

Oct 21, 2008, William Fisher, Public Record, Closing Gitmo? Dream On!

Oct 21, 2008, Andy Worthington,, When Is a Child Not a Child?

Oct 21, 2008, Editorial, Washington Post, What Colin Powell Also Said

Oct 21, 2008, William H. McMichael, Army Times, ACLU questions Army unit's NorthCom role

Oct 21, 2008, Laurie Kellman, Associated Press, Senate Democrats subpoena Mukasey over detainees

Oct 21, 2008, Associated Press, U.S. drops charges against 5 Gitmo detainees

Oct 21, 2008, Del Quentin Wilber, Washington Post, Appeals Court Halts Release Of 17 Guantanamo Detainees

Oct 21, 2008, ACLU, ACLU Calls On Broadcasters To Stop Stifling Political Discourse On YouTube

Oct 20, 2008, Steven Lee Myers, New York Times, Bush Decides to Keep Guantánamo Open

Oct 20, 2008, Tom Corelis, DailyTech (IL), EFF: Telecom Immunity is Unconstitutional

Oct 20, 2008, Trading Markets, Memos need full review

Oct 19, 2008, Associated Press, For Gitmo lawyer, conscience versus duty

Oct 19, 2008, Jurist, Guantanamo's logistical obstacles frustrate defense counsel and thwart due process

Oct 19, 2008, Julian Sanchez, Ars Technica, ACLU, EFF challenge constitutionality of FISA amendments

Oct 17, 2008, Stacey Higginbotham, Giga Omni Media, EEF Challenges Telco Immunity in Court

Oct 17, 2008, Dan Slater, Wall Street Journal, Why Does the Government Want Hamdan's Sentence Reconsidered?

Oct 17, 2008, Margy Slattery, Yale (University) Daily News, Law clinic brings justice to prisoners

Oct 17, 2008, Liliana Segura, AlterNet, Private Military Contractors Writing the News?

Oct 16, 2008, Ryan Singel, Wired, Can Private Companies Helping the NSA Be Watchdogs, Too?

Oct 16, 2008, Julian Sanchez, Ars Technica, What will the NSA whistleblower revelations mean?

Oct 16, 2008, Carol Rosenberg, Miami (FL) Herald, Welcome awaits Muslims from China held at Guantánamo

Oct 16, 2008, William Glaberson, New York Times, Release of 17 Guantánamo Detainees Sputters as Officials Debate the Risk

Oct 16, 2008, Andy Worthington, AlterNet, "Dirty Bomb" Charges Dropped Against Gitmo Prisoner Binyam Mohamed

Oct 15, 2008, New York Times, Snooping on Our Own Frontlines

Oct 15, 2008, Joby Warrick, Washington Post, CIA Tactics Endorsed In Secret Memos

Oct 15, 2008, Flavia Alaya,, Desperately Seeking Maggie

Oct 15, 2008, Charlie Savage, New York Times, Bush Declares Exceptions to Sections of Two Bills He Signed Into Law

Oct 15, 2008, All Headline News, Leahy, Specter Call For Probe Of NSA's Reported Wiretapping Of U.S. Soldiers, Journalists In Iraq

Oct 15, 2008, Jerusalem Post, Muslim man wants review of clearance revocation

Oct 14, 2008, Noah Shachtman, Wired, Top NSA Scribe Takes Us Inside The Shadow Factory

Oct 14, 2008, Lauren Vernon, The Hill, Waxman, Davis slam White House over 'privilege' claim

Oct 14, 2008, Kim Zetter, Wired, ACLU Says Recent NSA Spying Allegations Bolster its Lawsuit Against FISA Bill

Oct 14, 2008, John Aston, Aberdeen (UK) Press and Journal, US accused of Guantanamo delay strategy

Oct 14, 2008, Timothy Karr, Huffington Post, AT&T Promises Not to Spy on You... Sort Of

Oct 13, 2008, Editorial, Houston (TX) Chronicle, Free at last, almost

Oct 12, 2008, Editorial, New York Times, The Rule of Law in Guantánamo

Oct 12, 2008, Editorial, Los Angeles Times, The shadow of Gitmo

Oct 12, 2008, Josh Meyer, Los Angeles Times, Guantanamo prosecutor who quit had 'grave misgivings' about fairness

Oct 12, 2008, Carol Rosenberg, Miami (FL) Herald, Judge: Al Qaeda accused get laptops at Guantánamo

Oct 10, 2008, Glenn Greenwald, Salon, Major Shock: Eavesdropping Powers Abused Without Oversight

Oct 10, 2008, Dan Aalbers, Juan Gonzalez & Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!, APA Approves Measure Banning Psychologists from Interrogations

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