Tuesday, September 28, 2010

UPDATE: "FRIENDS Indeed" Who are Serving Flood Victims as Their Friends

What can we do? (about the suffering ones affected by the floods - all who are neighbors no matter whether near or far?)

JUST IN - see a NEW report "Visit to Dhabeji" from the "Friends Indeed" here

Here's a beautiful, loving effort which I want many,many of us to find out how to support in the coming days, weeks and months ahead. Some readers who are local or have local contacts/relatives can easily find a way to contact this most worthy and promising effort which is already doing effective work. Please do so by going to this site HERE Also see Goals Achieved and Sought as well as Videos and more photos at this site GO HERE InshAllah, in time, a few of us Pakistan/American friends and along with some great cooks who've said they'd help also hope to hold fundraising and understanding-raising picnics and little cultural events inspired by Pakistani friends here on this team. Then we want to work out a fool-proofed way to contribute to this effort and to encourage many more to do so. Plz find more photos/videos and touching word descriptions on Urooj's lovely site "Unity in Universe" (This is one of my favorite blogs and names for a blog anywhere with one of the dearest souls you will ever find.) Click HERE

Be sure also to see the exquisite and heart-felt beginning of Urooj novel in process
CLICK HERE The novel is called "Grief of Awareness" in English and "Gham-e-Agahi" in URDU and promises to get plenty of attention in the days ahead.


urooj malik said...

Connie, thank you so much for this support. I have no words to appreciate you being very supportive for me and what I am doing now a days.

connie nash said...

Well-deserved, friend.