Tuesday, September 21, 2010

PM Pakistan urged taking immediate action for Aafia release

PM urged taking immediate action for Aafia release
By PPI 9 hours 7 minutes ago

KARACHI: “Solicitor said four months ago that Dr. Aafia can be repatriated to Pakistan within 72 hours if the Pakistani government officially appeals United States government, and only one day is left to take this action”.

This was said by Dr Asmat Siddiqui, the mother of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui in a press conference at his residence, here on Tuesday. She said that case against Dr. Aafia is false and baseless while the US government is seeking for political solution of this case and she can be released easily before court announces sentence, simply through an official request by Pakistani government as grant of remission in present in US law in this regard. She said that they are very thankful to Rehman Malik for his effective role in (requesting) release of Dr. Aafia’s children but an official letter with the signature of Prime Minister or President of Pakistan is necessary for withdrawal of cases and release of Dr. Aafia. Dr. Asmat Siddiqui said,

“I have many complaints to both the government and opposition and I request them to please understand the sensitivity of problem.” She said this is not just the matter of release of my daughter but of dignity of entire nation. She said our youth are already very emotional in this regard, and no one will be able to control them if the US court sentenced Dr Aafia. Only a sympathetic person can feel our pains, she added...She concluded that the government should realize...who will be held responsible in the court of Allah for miseries of Dr. Aafia.

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