Thursday, July 28, 2011

Items affecting the Common People (On a UN Anniversary)

The Geneva Refugee Convention marks its 60th anniversary today as forced displacement becomes increasingly complex and as developing countries struggle to host the large majority of the world’s refugees.UNHCR marks 60th anniversary of Refugee Convention GENEVA, 28 July 2011 -

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Love Comes More Naturally
To The Human Heart: Nelson Mandela
By Diane V. McLoughlin

The dark clouds of racism and war swell ominously on the horizon today. Nelson Mandela's heartening message is more timely than ever, and it is his lived experience; from oppressed political prisoner, to president of a nation that aspires to be a rainbow nation of many colors, free from oppression, discrimination and fear

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Every Great Social Movement
By David Korten

The biggest shifts of our time have been sparked by ordinary people rejecting the cultural stories that dominated them

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The Edge of Peace (A Play Tonight in US) with thoughts for all

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The Scourge Of 'Peak Oil'
By Dahr Jamail

As consumption continues to increase in such major users as China, India, and the US, existing oil fields are being depleted and new discoveries are not keeping apace in order to offset growing demand

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Growing Water Deficit Threatening Grain Harvests
By Lester Brown

The shrinkage of irrigation water supplies in the big three grain-producing countries—the United States, India, and China—is of particular concern. Thus far, these countries have managed to avoid falling harvests at the national level, but continued overexploitation of aquifers could soon catch up with them

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Terrorism Hits Humanism of Norway
By Sadanand Patwardhan

A lot of commentary has already appeared from various quarters. Instead of adding to the bytes, I have collected some relevant material at one place for anybody to make an informed judgement. The presentation below has following 7 sections: (i) Introductory Observations (ii) Norway's Middle East Initiative (iii) Humanistic Norwegian Official Response (iv) Media Spin on the Terrorist Attack (v) Key Investigation Areas (vi) Views of Terrorist Anders Behring Breivik (vii) Defenders of Anders Behring Breivik

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US Needs To Replace Pentagon's Approach With Peace Corps
By Sherwood Ross

We have a clear choice between continuing to fight on the Pentagon's endless battlefields of war or working in the vineyards of peace

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"The Ragged Edge of Silence: Finding Peace in a Noisy World" a book review
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