Thursday, August 16, 2012


Torrent of light and river of the air,
Along whose bed the glimmering stars are seen,
Like gold and silver sands in some ravine . . .

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American Poet

The Universe is an infinite sphere, the centre of which is everywhere,
the circumference nowhere. - Pensées, Blaise Pascal, French mathematician and natural philospher (and other famous philosphers & mathameticians have used this metaphor as well -- such as "God is a circle whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere.” ~Voltaire citing Timaeus of Locris)

From some perspectives, such a Universe or such a God is just too vast to be touched and felt and known let alone reached...Yet tonight I am choosing and putting my love-trust in a Transcendence which is so All encompassing that NO ONE -- NOT ONE of us is excluded or left behind. So that's me and you as well, wherever we find ourselves to be on the outer or the inner -- the physical or the spiritual map.

TONIGHT I'm held fast in that warm and wild RIVER of the air knowing we are inside a torrent of light -- the kind which takes away all fear. Come along as we circle our fragile globe TOGETHER in the arms of such light and such LOVE --

Until...EVERYONE comes along...


The two photos above are from the On Being Blog here

On the first: Trophygeek took this photograph of a lone Perseid meteor over Sutro Tower in San Francisco on Monday night, adding: “I happened to be checking on the camera when it happened so I saw it too! Set up the camera to take 8 second exposures all night and caught this large meteor as it streaked over San Francisco. The lights near the tower are cars up on Twin Peaks shining their headlights into the fog.”

The second photo was taken by Dominic Alves (Taken with Instagram)

End Quote:

“It is not merely enough to attest that there is a God. One also has to state how the One God relates to humanity.”

~Omid Safi, from Memories of Muhammad: Why the Prophet Matters


robert said...


Beautiful post.

Thank you for it.

All good wishes,


Noor said...

Connie, this is beautiful.

Come along as we circle our fragile globe TOGETHER in the arms of such light and such LOVE --

Until...EVERYONE comes along..."

These lines....they are awesome! Thanks so much.

CN said...

Dear Robert and Dear Noor,

So glad my companion poets replied first. You two surely understand such words -- truths -- more than most.

My gratitude...