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UPDATED: Time to Hold Iran in the Light

Rescuers stop searches after Iran quakes kill 250 AP photo*

UPDATE: Monday 13 August 2012

Already this article is highly recommended by readers:
Two Iran Earthquakes Kill 300 and Injure 5,000 (Hospitals Full) GO here

Surely, during this special Ramazan season, we can each find some way to remember our brothers and sisters in Iran. Last night I lit two candles and am praying for the best way to demonstrate my empathy and concern. Plz leave comments. Also, plz see more links below added for a more rounded history, set of stats and ACTION FOR DIPLOMACY.
from Connie, blogger here at oneheartforpeace....

Earlier: AP World Press | Sunday 12 August 2012

Here's one of the first AP articles which came out in several world sections of leading newspapers East and West:

TEHRAN: Rescuers ended the search on Sunday for survivors of twin earthquakes in northwestern Iran that killed at least 250 people and injured more than 2,600 a day earlier, state television reported.

At least 20 villages were totally leveled, state television reported. Ahmad Reza Shajiei, a senior government official in charge of rescue operations, said more than 5,000 tents have been set up to shelter more than 16,000 homeless.

Thousands spent the night outdoors after their villages were leveled and homes damaged in the powerful quakes, which were followed by some 36 aftershocks.

The semiofficial Mehr news agency quoted a local official as saying the death toll was 277. State TV said 44,000 food packages and thousands of blankets have been distribute in the stricken area.

Television video showed people being evacuated on stretchers, while others were treated for broken limbs and concussions. Dozens of families were sleeping on blankets laid out on the ground in parks. Some were crying, and others shivered from the cold in the mountainous region hit by the quake, near the border with Azerbaijan.

More than 1,100 rescuers worked through the night to pull out those trapped under rubble and to reach some of the more remote villages affected. Some 15 dogs were brought in to search for survivors...

Also watch articles by: ALI AKBAR DAREINI , Associated Press, where I found the following photo

Lest we keep repeating our grave US and Western mistakes from past and recent history, let's read up. Even a few moments of such reading and reflection (from all sides of the political spectrum) should be more than many of our congressional representatives are taking the time to learn and heed.

Perhaps some of the documents indicated here (however imperfect) could be seen as a springboard to other research. here

BETTER -- look up the arts which have so deeply influenced our world. One sample is this well-acclaimed group of musicians offering a September event. At any rate, try to access whatever you are able from these artists for peace who've been inspired by their poet Rumi -- who happens to be the most popular poet in America today! GO here

Here's one of our best US lawyer-journalists, Glenn Greenwald with
IRAN: Fact and Fiction -- GO here or once at oneheartforpeace -- simply go to archives for February 2012 and find this article easily.

NOW is the time to HOLD IRAN in the light for people not unlike we ourselves who offer a richness of the arts, history and geography we need to round out our own disparities. What if we were to suffer due to such an earthquake AS WELL as SANCTIONS from another nation? (Let's not forget the devastating injury and death to multitudes of children in IRAQ when the west called for sanctions there so mindlessly.)

SO, here's information we in the West need to know now:


Passed: Crippling Sanctions Against Iran

IN brief, Congress has passed H.R. 1905, ushering in the most aggressive sanctions the U.S. has ever imposed on a country during peacetime. The sanctions are designed to crash Iran’s economy, undermine human rights and cripple the diplomatic process currently underway. These sanctions include a ‘humanitarian exemption’ which does not directly prohibit access to food, medicine, and humanitarian trade, but the destruction of Iran’s civilian economy by sanctions will mean many people will be unable to purchase the food, medicine, and other goods that the humanitarian exemption is supposed to protect. (from Friends Committee on National Legislation).

How heartless in anytime, let alone now.


What a time for America to WAKE UP! Meantime, NEWER legislation is being proposed and GAINING GROUND with a growing list of co-signers. Plz call your representatives and leaders NOW to support H. R. # 4173. Find more info GO here

If you'd like more information from the Friends Committee on National Legislation -- the US group I trust most on research, lobbying and presenting practical actions, plz keep watching the FCNL just above for updates and/or email one of the experts at FCNL working on actions and info related to IRAN, Kathy Zager, policy assistant to Kate Gould.

Just this morning I spoke with Kathy there who confirmed that the link just above is up-to-date. She said to give out her email for any press or others needing yet more information on these life and death issues: Kathy Zager's email address is

During this time of another round of suffering in Iran, let's reflect on our common humanity; to pray and work toward healing would give my readers the most updated facts and actions the Friends Committee suggests.

And perhaps a candle or two in our windows would remind us how deeply we want restoration and peace for our "family of humanity" in Iran.

I remember reading about and seeing a beautiful photo of dear Iranians putting candles in their windows for Americans right after 911 -- sharing their own concern for us.
Find these here

Photo on top: Iranians search the ruins of buildings at the village of Bajebaj near the city of Varzaqan in northwestern Iran, on Sunday, Aug. 12, 2012, after Saturday’s earthquake. -AP

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