Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Mother, My Friend

Some things I want to celebrate about my Mom on her birthday, TODAY:


I can easily laugh and cry with her. I've been able to talk about everything -- especially as an adult -- often "intensely". As my youngest son said about her when he was very young, she's the "feeling" grandma.

I have countless treasured moments with her.

Like so many others, I know I can go to her with anything.

"She has taught me to enjoy life, to live it to the fullest. To live "OUTLOUD". In fact all the women in my family are like that!!" But she is MOST OF ALL. "She is the most influential person in my life, and rightfully should be. Not just because she is my mom but because of the beautiful spirit she truly has. God has blessed her with amazing talents, but the biggest blessing is her ability to love others the way she does."

She is someone who is SO UNCONDITIONAL in her loving -- like noone you've ever met before!

All my life, she's had calls from all manner of people, all ages, from any state or even Canada because a call with her will often turn them around on a better path or soothe tears no one else can calm.

My Mom, Ruby, is ALSO a BELLE AME: A Beautiful Soul! She GLOWS from inside out and many many people all her life have said to her or to me that she is SO SO PRETTY.

I found some of the lines and inspiration for some of the description above, especially that in the quotes on another site -- CLICK here to find this special place.


I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL. THANX for your faithfulness to me and so many others.

Nearly everything I've learned about loving family, friends and others in my life and much that I've learned about faith and prayer, finding missing objects, patience, not sweating the small things, waiting for another better day and WHAT REALLY COUNTS -- all of that I've learned from you each day of my life.


With you in spirit,


(Besides all the above, my Mom LOVES AZALEAS -- maybe even more than roses -- thus the photo above from the Azalea Festival at Nezu Jinja. Although you can count on my Mom no matter what, sometime she's full of surprises and funny sayings. Never take her for granted or think that
she won't speak up at the right moment and with lots of spunk!)


Noor said...

Happy birthday to your Mom. Though, I haven't known you for long but as I read about your mother, I feel you are like her.

Stay Blessed Connie
Keep inspiring.

Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

A lovely and beautiful tribute to a mother. I am certain all beauty of your mind and soul that we have known is extension of your mother and Happy Birthday to her.

CN said...

Dear Noor and Dar Sahib:

Thanx so much coming by to wish a Happy Birthday to my dear uniquely loving Mom. I shyly am honored to be like her, even while to a small degree. Of course, people like you both bring out our very best.