Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blessed Are the Peacemakers and Advocates for Rights

RE: TOP NEWS from NYTimes: 10 October 2012
Taliban Gun Down Girl Who Spoke Up for Rights
Malala Yousafzai, 14, a symbol of defiance and an advocate for the education of girls in Pakistan's Swat Valley, was shot in the head and neck on Tuesday by masked Taliban gunmen.

From COPEPINK Peacemakers in Islamabad Pakistan on 10 October 2012 :
Yesterday we organized a public fast in Islamabad to atone for US killer drone strikes.

We were devastated to hear news of the Taliban attack on 14-year-old Pakistani girl Malala Yousufzai who is an outspoken advocate for girls to attend school.

After our fast we collected funds to send to Malala's school and we are reaching out to global community to find medical help for her neurological needs. We condemn this violence and understand that American drone attacks increase extremism.

We are praying for Malala's quick recovery and return to school.

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How might we better address the needs for ALL who deserve the rights such as that to attend school in peace? How might we stand TOGETHER against ALL who would harm such rights and peace?

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CN said...

I was so glad today to see several recent reports that the brave Malala is gaining stabililty! (15 year old student who campaigned for the rights of women to a decent education per the story above)

Because I am growing in awareness and knowledge of the many-faceted dynamics of the Drones and the Extremists they purport to eliminate -- I am slowly researching a variety of sources -- even those which claim the US drones are helpful. And I'm not sure how I will later address the drone issues unless with more attention to all these facets...

Nevertheless, I wish to comment here that even IF the extremists are killing as many innocents as the US Drone operations, we have good evidence that schools school staff (even girls schools and staff) and school children are also being attacked, killed, injured, displaced and so forth by the US Drones...

Here is one very recent report:

You can find more on some of this research at