Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Khan in Waziristan

"An inquisitive fellow at work came to me this Monday morning inquiring about Imran Khan and his march against the drone attacks. He had followed the story on the mornings New York Times edition. Who was this man? How successful was the march? And why didn’t the Pakistani ruling government take a stand against the drones?"

PLZ read the rest of this short, snappy and hard to argue with post -- You may be surprised. I loved it. GO here

and plz also read the posts on this adventuresome journey into courageous peace work in our time in the several posts below this one on ONE HEART FOR PEACE blog:

Life in Waziristan, 2012 “AD”
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JOIN Virtual Worldwide March Against US Drone War
GO here


CN said...

Now let's do our part and SIGN this petition which Imran plans to make sure gets in Obama's hands:


Omer Malik said...

Thank you for posting the blog - The peace virtual petition is an amazing idea to put forth - a significant step !

Noor said...