Friday, October 5, 2012

JOIN Virtual Worldwide March Against US Drone War

Law Student's Op Ed: Peace March Towards Waziristan Go here

PETITION To Join the Virtual Worldwide March Against US Drone War GO

Why this is important (From Imran Khan who is leading the Peace March to Waziristan in FATA beginning Saturday, 6 October through 7 October 2012):

Hundreds of thousands of people in my country, Pakistan, are under siege from US drones: robot weapons that indiscriminately kill children, and terrorise families every day.

This weekend I am leading a peace march against this secret war, and if all of you join me virtually, we could create a public storm to stop this torment.America’s deadly drones campaign is illegal and counterproductive -- instead of beating terrorists it is driving more people to anti-American extremism.

Families across the border region in Waziristan, the flash point of this war, live in constant fear of being targeted, under the deafening buzz of these remote-controlled planes 24 hours a day.

Extraordinarily, the US denies any civilian deaths, but will not reveal the names of those killed, while independent reports tell of the trauma and killing of hundreds of civilians, many of them children.

This weekend, if you join me on the march, we have the chance to bring global attention to this war zone and show the United States that people across Pakistan and the world want an end to this robot war.

Sign the petition now and tell everyone. We will announce all those marching virtually to the media, we will carry a flag from every country where people have signed, and when we reach 500,000 signatures I will demand a meeting with President Obama to present the petition:

Help get the word out using this link:

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