Saturday, December 1, 2012

Palestine and Israel: Comments (Various)

Palestine at the UN/ A Legal Intifadah/ Francis Boyle

Professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law and author of Palestine, Palestinians, and International Law,
Francis A. Boyle said today: "This can be the start of a 'Legal Intifadah' by Palestine against Israel:

1. "Palestine can join the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court and file a Complaint with the ICC against the illegal settlements and settlers, who are committing war crimes;

2. "Palestine can join the Statute for the International Court of Justice, sue Israel at the World Court, and break the illegal siege of Gaza;

3. "Palestine can join the Law of the Sea Convention and get its fair share of the enormous gas fields lying off the coast of Gaza, thus becoming economically self-sufficient;

4. "Palestine can become a High Contracting Party to the Four Geneva Conventions [this deals with the laws of war];

5. "Palestine can join the International Civil Aviation Organization and gain sovereign, legal control over its own airspace;

6. "Palestine can join the International Telecommunications Union and gain sovereign legal control over its own airwaves, phone lines, bandwidths."

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