Friday, December 19, 2008

The War in AFGHANISTAN: Bill Moyers'Journal TODAY Friday, December 19 (With Sarah Chayes)

"We've set up a democracy on the excercise of power..." Sarah Chayes

The Pomegranate Seller and Arghand Women from Sarah Chayes' gallery

Bill Moyers' Journal SPECIAL today, Friday, December 19, 11:00pm (ET on some stations) - The war in Afghanistan is discussed with Sarah Chayes. Find more Here

CALENDAR item you may want to mark as well: Friday, December 26, 11:00pm (ET on some stations) - The commonalities shared by the world's religions.

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Afghanistan Outside the Wire

Sarah Chayes has been living and working in Kandahar, Afghanistan since 2001, when she covered the fall of the Taliban for National Public Radio. In 2002 she decided to leave journalism to help rebuild the shattered country, whose fate will help determine the shape of the 21st century.

Currently she runs a cooperative in the former Taliban stronghold, producing fine skin-care products from local fruits, nuts, and botanicals. Here The aim is to discourage opium production by helping farmers earn a living from licit crops, as well as to encourage collective decision-making. From this position, deeply embedded in Kandahar’s everyday life, Ms. Chayes has gained unparalleled insights into a troubled region. Her book about Afghanistan since the Taliban is The Punishment of Virtue: Inside Afghanistan After the Taliban (New York: Penguin, 2006)

Chayes's articles have appeared in a variety of international publications, and are collected here in an archive that chronicles the recent history of Afghanistan. In "Media Links" you will find links to articles about Chayes and her work. "Pictures" is a gallery of Chayes's photos as well as links to relevant maps. Chayes posts occasional letters to "Notes From the Field," where you can join the conversation.

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IF you miss this program, check back for transcript (Also look for the transcript later on Bill Moyers' Journal...(Also look for the transcript later on Bill Moyers' Journal)

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