Tuesday, December 30, 2008

YEH HUM NAHEEN Waseem Mahmood's Message of Peace

"Terrorism has no religion"

the two photos on the top of this post are from oneworld dot net - a unique, positive yet challenging site - which speaks regularly to the longing for peace, awareness & survival as the highly competent array of staff survey the globe for the dilemmas, struggles, triumphs & joys of people very much like you & me - folk of all ages, religions & traditions who probably have a little more to deal with & a lot less help...

Recently they chose finalists for the People of 2008...Waseem Mahmood was among them. He was my choice...like many I voted for him & asked others to do so...his universal message of peace and the inspiration to be and live out our best life and lives...really grabbed my attention and is so timely & needed today from all of us world-wide. Last night, visiting with our friends over a wonderful Palestinian meal, we shared Waseem's popular & beautiful video "Yeh Hum Naheen".

Find the MUSIC/video in several versions here

Find international coverage - Go here

With the signatures of over 62 million Pakistanis committed to the Yeh Hum Naheen Foundation's anti-terrorism campaign, founder Waseem Mahmood has become a leader in a movement promoting peace & tolerance among the world's diverse peoples.



Mahmood is a British author and media producer. After his sons raised their concerns about the radicalization of young Muslims in England, he used his professional skills to help put together a catchy tune with some powerful words: "Hamein jis naam say tum jantay ho...woh hum naheen. Humein jis aankh say tum dehktay ho...woh hum naheen. Yeh hum naheen, yeh hum naheen, yeh hum naheen."

In English: "The name by which you know us -- we are not that. The eyes with which you look at us -- we are not that. This is not us, this is not us, this is not us." Another part of the song says: "The stories that are being spread in our name are lies -- this is not us."

Now, the phrase "yeh hum naheen," meaning "this is not us," is being repeated all over Pakistan.

To find out more, go to yehhumnaheen dot org

for the site about the book -Good Morning Afghanistan- GO here for more information - Mr. Mahmood's book is an essential addition to Greg Mortenson's book -Three Cups of Tea- GO here ...both these books help promote understanding as we in the USA & elsewhere become increasingly focused on Afghanistan & Pakistan.

photo of boy is from Mr. Mahmood's book site.

Today, Tuesday, December 30, 2008, Waseem Mahmood sent the following message - which I find quite a nice personal surprise, since my family & our friends has just the night before ended our warm evening with his video! And more, what a daily challenge!

Here is Waseem's message...

"...ONLY BY WORKING TOGETHER can we eradicate these misconceptions about the "other"...

"62.8 million Pakistanis have proved that they deplore terrorism and terrorists as much as anybody else..." these two quote from Waseem Mahmood

If you'd like to email Waseem for reasons of peace, you may contact him at waseemmahmood@btinternet.com

Besides the serendipity of finding this little note right after sharing his & his son's work with friends, I found his short message to be so timely for peacemakers around the world at this time.

So many of us, this very hour - at the sunrise of a new year - hold hands across the seas & miles, the generations, the various causes, the religions & traditions to network and live for peace...what a welcome gift! But more than that, what a daily task...

Thanks again, - brother of peace - for your life & the lives of your family - you are living instruments for change and goodwill to all. We are so grateful for you, Waseem, our international brother/father/mentor!

Blessings to all the readers' families--may you ALL Be and Go Most Well and find much needed work to do for peace during 2009!

With gratitude & encouragement from One Heart for Peace to the many other hearts - Connie (this photo is also from Mahmood's book site - our children are watching)

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