Saturday, December 5, 2009

CPWR: Dr Tariq Ramadan: War and Peace in Al-Islam: the Prophet's Struggle

This is part of the programming for Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions (CPWR)- Sunday, 6th December (search out a YouTube, discussion or LIVE broadcast or at least look up the following leaders) No promises...but worth seeing some of the programs offered at least...See more links in posts below...

Also Sunday - an interfaith panel of respondents who are leaders in peace building:
Dr Tariq Ramadan, Dr William F. Vendley, Rabbi Michael Melchior

The concerted struggle for peace consumed the life of Prophet Muhammad. However, there is the perception that war was a dominant factor during the formative years of Islam and that Muslims are consequently predisposed to violence and war. During this session, internationally respected Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan will discuss the Prophet's life in regards to war and peace, how misinformation about these issues affects current prospects for peace, and what lessons about peace can be gleaned from the Prophet's example as we move forward. This session will also include an interfaith panel of respondents who are leaders in peace building among the faith traditions. This program is one of six sessions in the Islam 101 Series designed to highlight critically important issues regarding Islamic beliefs, practice, and history that are all too commonly misunderstood.

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