Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SAY NO to Surge: Why Die for Karzai? By Tom Hayden - ACTIONS

Before the following, I want to add a note: While I follow and admire Hayden, the title is offensive to me and I hope to follow-up why in more detail in a post or two to come soon - "Why Kill for Karzai?" is probably a better question. Credit for this rephrase goes to Adaner Usmani who wrote a critique addressing Hayden's sort of argument here:

re: Iraq -- here


"This is the choice facing Obama: Whether to send more Americans to their graves in support of Hamid Karzai while at the same time blocking the emergent quest for peace negotiations in Afghanistan."

SELECT READING after Obama's Speech

Why Die for Karzai? By Tom Hayden

Obama With Blood on His Hands By Nicolas J S Davies

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Democracy in Action - Send this letter to your Elected Officials (and others)

MORE Campaigns including **Say No to US Airstrikes in Pakistan

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