Tuesday, December 22, 2009

US Media Can Be Deeply-Aware and Entertaining!

Smart Teen loving her book Credit to photo: npr dot org

SEE one of a variety of stories below...this one is from: "Three Books for the Smartest Teens You Know" and includes this description of - Rumors of Peace - "What no one who markets or sells them likes to dwell on is that young adult novels are a steppingstone, not a stopping place. Smart, curious teens turn to books to discover the adults they will become, not to see the kids they already are." See 4th Audio below...

photo from npr dot org
EXCLUSIVE First Listen (Music) a most unusual innocent yet savvy folk singer, songwriter & instrumentalist about whom one reporter said, listening to her live it's hard to pay attention to not be entranced just watching her. Hear the whole wondrous Album: "I see your tracks" here Laura Veirs official website here

My habit of listening to BBC all during the night in between napping and then National Public Radio in the early morning was finally severed months ago in the need to focus on my own writing and studies...However, this my am I was pleasantly surprised to hear the variety and quality presented on NPR. In going to the home page, I found even more such reports... So I wanted to share these items with you...

Today, I want readers here to see how media can be both American and also refreshingly encompassing of more than the usual sort of same ol' same ol'...
Below find as well something on Law, the Baboon and holiness, a Detective Novelist on the craft and much more...Connie the dinner npr dot org photo
See story on the young Queen Victoria below...


"Holy Be Thy Name?" © Momatiuk — Eastcott/Corbis See 2nd AUDIO

Elena Kagan SOLICITOR GENERAL who "Holds Views Close To Her Chest" Go 3rd AUDIO down for this story...

These are mostly very short AUDIOS - most items aired on NPR.org today.

Sometimes, I'm afraid all other countries know about our media is either the most dishonest and war-mongering writers or our most necessarily self-exposing side revealing the most corrupt and vile aspects of our imperial designs.

So, if at all possible, don't miss out on US National Public Radio's programs today which are so much more compelling and aware than most US media often is - yes, some items bring up the tremendously worrisome aspects of the SURGE and with a little more questioning than usual for a mainstream source albeit often leaning toward aware on NPR dot org

(I'm mixing up the order a bit to please myself - with a few more comments in parenthesis below)

MUST HEAR: When asked how she came to write mysteries, P. D. James has a ready answer. As a child she wondered about Humpty Dumpty: 'Did he fall or was he pushed?' Hear: P.D. James, Talking And Writing 'Detective Fiction' (why not Urdu readers here re-read and compare James to the Imran Series - the first book in English translation coming out soon! (See more information below about this incomparable series***) P. D. James AUDIO - GO here More Items about PD James here

HOLY BABOON! And An Amazing 'Mystical' Moment In Africa (A wonderful reflective AUDIO)here

SOLICITOR GENERAL Holds Views Close To Her Chest By Nina Totenberg (one of my favorite reporters - do you like her unique journalism too and the details she notices? Keep reading her.) Excerpt: Kagan - "As she tells the story: "I looked out at them and said, 'You are not my people,' and everyone laughed, and then I said, 'But I love the Federalist Society,' and I think that is when I got a standing ovation. People, it turns out, loved to be told that they are loved."...Or, as one Kagan fan at Harvard puts it ruefully, "Elena is a master pool shark, and we are all the balls she is shooting in the pockets." Those who know and have worked with Elena Kagan say her core beliefs elude them." (Also report on her first case, her appreciation for Thurgood Marshall and definition of a Solicitor General: here

THREE BOOKS for SMART TEENS (Text) (most popular item on list - first aired December 21st) "The publishing world likes to say that young adult literature is in a golden age, full of great writing, and most important, growing sales in an otherwise dismal market.But the genre is not without flaws: Many young adult novels don't set the bar very high in their language, character complexity or emotional nuance, which is why I — a young adult author — like to encourage young readers to venture into the adult shelf. Here are three non-young adult novels featuring young protagonists that anyone — young or old — will read with both joy and fervor." Excerpt from this review.

Excerpt from one of the books described: "Fergus finds his way to a ship sailing for Canada. Since this isn't a young adult novel, there's no sappy ending that eases our hero's hardship, only clean, elegant sentences and page after page of heart-stopping adventure. Fergus finds his way to a ship sailing for Canada. Since this isn't a young adult novel, there's no sappy ending that eases our hero's hardship, only clean, elegant sentences and page after page of heart-stopping adventure." from the description of "The Law of Dreams"

Also see comparisons made to scenarios in -Rumors of Peace- and similar scenes in WW II Go here

The Young Victoria -movies and an amazing actress- here Emily Blunt, Discovering A Vital 'Young Victoria' photo credits to Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

credit for photo to npr.org
If "time flies" you have more fun! GO here

Obama to-do list for 2010 GO here

FINALLY some current news and opinion on the US occupation in Afghanistan
Emilio Morenatti/AP
Afghan army recruits march as part of their daily training.

For U.S., Vast Challenge To Expand Afghan Forces - President Obama's strategy for Afghanistan includes an ambitious plan to churn out thousands of new army and police officers to fight the Taliban and al-Qaida. But the rapid buildup could create many more problems than it solves. here Links to VIDEO with striking photo...

About Radiolab: Radiolab explores the blurring boundaries between science, philosophy and human experience. Curiosity is king as Radiolab investigates the world and shakes up the way you think. Produced by WNYC, Radiolab podcasts come out every other week, and each year 10 new hour-long episodes air on NPR stations around the country.

Plenty More On Morning Edition - Playlist and more news -- GO here Such As:
* Economic Growth Weaker Than Previously Estimated
* Rural Shipping Company Finds Itself Going 'Backward'
* Moving Gitmo to Illinois
* Prisons: ...small towns rarely see long-term economic gains
* Health Care Bill still in Senate
* Dems on overhaul

And be sure to see all the BOOKS, MUSIC Albums and more for the past year...

More about the incomparable author, Ibne Safi and his Imran Series
here and also here The characters are evidently so vivid to those who grew up reading them that according to one friend - who's family all read the series, his Nana was so "in love" with Ali Imran that if Ali had come to her door wooing her, the friend is sure "she would have divorced Papa to marry Ali!" FIRST authentic Safi novel to be published in ENGLISH soon if not this week. I hope to post a little more on this series and the new English translation soon, Insha Allah!

IN closing, it's not just in the most horrific yet true stories of war we learn about one another. I have oft by my own near-despair over the state of the world and the US political and military leadership to feel there's nothing left to say to the world at large except how ashamed I am to be an American and for our most negative part in the world, to expose the same and do all I can for peace. Yet at the same time, some of the above genres and stories also demonstrate our universal community of such similar interests, concerns and loves. May your holiday, whether it be Chanukah, Christmas, New Year - one of several varieties with Eid, Ephiphany, Winter Solstice or any other special observance - be softened and reflective Connie


ReeBz said...

Thanks for giving us all this information.I have just opened Laura veirs sound tracks, but i have no idea which one should i click first to hear :)
seems I'll choose by the song title which appeals me most =)

About Media, i think like every other media US media too is a reflection of country's political and social issues, its true that US has involved herself in thousands of wars so most likely it is supposed to bring news of war..
if still it brings news of "happiness"than it will be something which is not true..
When Obama took oath as US president, like in US and other parts of the world, people here in Pakistan also celebrated but i think it was a mistake to think that Obama's policies would be different from the destructive policies of Bush!

Instead he came, and announced to increase armed forces in Afg, and guess what, to me what matters most is that if US army is increasing in no. in Afg than Pak is not safe as well.I dont know how come he can get a "NOBLE AWARD" for "PEACE"!!

Well, sorry i'm taking topic of discussion somewhere else unconsciously..
let me switch to the positive mood by listening to one of the song from the album you provided her =)

btw, good morning Connie:)

Connie L. Nash said...

YES, ReeBz, I TOTALLY agree with your concerns. At the same time, this NPR.org media source - although not quite as progressive always as I would like - also finds universal themes and connection points and is OFTEN more truthful than BBC at least. I have just been speaking to Pakistani friends about this and they agree and say NPR.org is there favorite.

After awhile - even 24 hour peace & justice activists like me HAVE to look for something other than NEGATIVE news of America or we get OLD and WORN OUT...which you know the world can't afford if we are ALL to work together for peace.

Besides like for many other Americans, WE are NOT what our Political Leaders are often doing...We are PART of the GLOBAL community and the Nation of Peace...we are knocking ourselves out night and day to help bring about true change and amends and we will continue to try to do so.

I am VERY glad for your efforts, honesty and questions and I feel that I don't want to overwhelm you either with nothing but negativity, dear ReeBz.

Love, Peace and Truth,

Your Forever Friend

ReeBz said...

Yes connie i agree with you and i'm satisfied with your efforts and the efforts of those people who are the part of your community- working for peace.
In such bad times, you are the real good hope and the "beam of light" for peace lovers.
My prayers and love with you!

Happy Christmas :)

Connie L. Nash said...

Thanx, ReeBz, for your sweet greeting. I have been away from internet work and friendship for awhile - meeting needs and relationships at home.

I am intending to be a part of Pakistan Day of Peace from here either Friday or Saturday. Let me know what you will be doing and any ideas you may have?