Friday, December 18, 2009

The U.S. TELLS China and others to follow US! (US on Climate; Surge)

Two radio reports caught my ear during my early morning and offer vivid examples for the "truth on the ground" and how it's so different from our American Rhetoric. In my small opinion CHANGES involving truth telling and humility need to happen SOON if the US is to be on an upward path. These missing elements come up time and time again even since the recent change in presidents.

First, where is our remembrance of the wisdom we've inherited such as “Oh, that God the gift would give us to see ourselves as others see us.” from the English poet Robert Burns.

Then, how often are we taking a really good look at the non-military aspects of our security here and elsewhere? Do we care into what manner and depth of we put our troops, our contractors and all those who still dare to cooperate with us by our ignorance of other cultures, other histories and the reputation our torture and other war crimes that go with Americans now wherever we go? And speaking of these war crimes, where are the US Acts and recommitments to the world that these will not continue to be repeated through another surge? These have not ended yet, despite the current administrations clear promises.

Additionally, we are not famouse these days for being truth-telling and it's our layers and layers of hypocrisy which are helping extremists to recruit angry disenfranchised people. So do we need more bombs, drones and young willing to kill for us or might a little humility and truth give us a better chance to begin to "get the job done" (Obama's words in requesting the surge)?


1) END ARROGANCE (Isn't it time we STOP TELLING other nations what to do given how little we've often done compared to the good we claim we will do? How much longer?)

2) BE MORE TRANSPARENT (For example in requests for the proposed surge: what about the ACTUAL figures of war/occupation costs and likely costs/years using historians as advisors?)

Although of course we keep hoping and praying in America that the horrific indelible scourge of the Bush administrations is less palpable in the US and abroad. Yet, isn't one thing for sure - that it's way too early for the US to be TELLING others HOW to follow us of ALL nations. Time is of the essence to start "BEING the CHANGE we want to see in the world"!

These TWo reports speak of these heavy "MOTES" in our US eyes.

Hear and read these short reports below...

The president TELLS the U.N. climate summit in Copenhagen that America is setting an example of bold action and other nations must follow or see the world suffer catastrophic effects.

* Two-Way Blog: Watch The President's Speech

Stalemate Blocks Climate Deal

Listen carefully to the short yet comprehensive even-toned reporting for the implications below the surface. For example about the most inflammatory adjective used is the term "rogue" for contractors' behaviors - this has been reprenting the US in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The report is one of the best overall descriptions with numbers and implications I've heard for awhile to come from US press. See how the military is being anything BUT transparent with the US public and Afghanistan/Pakistan. Find here some easy to remember figures to give to your non-believing contacts.

Ratio Of Contractors To Troops At War? 1 To 1 - that's ONE to ONE folk! Already there and MANY MORE coming!

The use of contractors frees up troops and saves money — but it also has drawbacks.
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NOTE: there is an updated version on Wednesday, December 14th concerning the FREEZE Palestine/Israel GO here


Komal Khan said...

Your analysis is very thoughtful.

I find this part very needful, not only for the US but for other nations as well;

" In my small opinion CHANGES involving truth telling and humility need to happen SOON if the US is to be on an upward path. "

I think what would lead us and the US, in particular, to "get the job done" is the realization of the needs of the community.

If one wants others to follow it's path, the path of the former must be truthful, clear and in context to considerate the needs and values of the latter.

Your post have made me think over an aspect which is somehow related to my last post.

In relation with the Muslims or Pakistani perspective of US, at the moment, the need of our community which can help us to normalise the negative feelings about US in our society, depend upon those "CHANGES involving truth telling and humility" that need to happen soon in the ACTIONS of US.

Thank you so much for this balanced and honest approach.

Please keep on this two-way learning process :)

Connie L. Nash said...


Your comments in response to mine are most welcome and reinforce my leaning in the direction of directness and more from my own voice without being unnecessarily negative. Your's are also thoughtful as well as well-informed.

Obviously with both this comment and your own post, you have considered these dynamics thoroughly and intend to keep doing son.

Yes, your input can help us in US as a kind of barometer as you indicate whether or not the "CHANGES involving truth telling and humility" begin to happen SOON///". Then, if so, in what areas no matter how small...

Yes, let's continue on with this two-way learning process.

Khurram Ali Shafique said...

The best cure for arrogance is START LISTENING. In case the US desires to listen more effectively to Pakistan, the key is to remember that the real Pakistan is the masses and people.

Also, BE YOURSELF. America is probably the civilization which gave this catch-phrase to the world. I am not sure if the real America, what it really can be deep down in the hearts of its citizens, is being reflected in what is being done.