Saturday, April 24, 2010

Franklin Graham: A Man of Prayer? More from NC- USA

Franklin Graham, a brand-name evangelist (the son of Billy Graham), has repeatedly denigrated Islam - not (just}...fundamentalists who engage in terrorism, but the entire religion. Franklin Graham, 07/21/06. (photo: Rich Herard/HERARDMEDIA.COM/flickr) Found at readersupportedmedia dot org

Imagine if a leading American imam decried Christianity as an "evil" religion and then was invited to participate at a National Day of Prayer event at the Pentagon. How would conservative pundits, shouting heads, bloggers and politicians react? There would be denunciations, calls for rescinding the invitation, demands for explanations from the Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and questions hurled at the Obama White House. Fox News execs could only be happier if this occurred during sweeps weeks. But if a prominent Christian evangelist described Islam as an "evil" religion and subsequently received a similar invitation, would the same thing happen?

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I went to the original site and under 175 or so comments, I put mine--

The comment "The Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition comes to mind" was well put. How can we be so blind as to even bring this to any one's mind - especially those in lands where we occupy and kill civilians right and left...and then go in for the "Second Kill" when our bombers thing the rescuers are returning to those screaming for help?

Didn't our Christian leader once say, "love your enemies" and do good to those who hate you?

Besides, this special day is, after all, a day of prayer not one of evangelizing or why not choose our best people of prayer? And there are so many who would easily receive Jesus' description: "Blessed are the Peacemakers"...Sadly during Desert Storm, Franklin criticized his father on supporting the war when he went to areas where people were being displaced and deprived of essentials...what happened? Same thing, maybe, that happened to our WNC Heath Shuler...maybe "The Family" strikes again?

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