Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trials of US Detainees Fahad Hamshi ; Omar Khadr: "new set of rules" for the Commissions?

Omar Khadr
- According to court artist Janet Hamlin courtesy of The Globandmail - Find mainstream media article Khadr here Headline is representative of mainstream news

This great photo found at Andy Worthington's site where there's a crucial article today on Fahad's case (See item just below.)

What's better Military Commissions or Trial by Federal Court? More complicated than Rights experts thought...

US Government Plea Bargain - brief update in Fahad Hamshi Case - THAW (Theaters Against the War, international) also announces the next vigil in Lower Manhatten NY -May 3 despite the cancellation of the trial. See here Or go directly to THAW here

MORE on the Fahad Hamshi Case by Andy Worthington Be sure also to see the "Comment Exchange" where Andy indicates he may be more open to commissions as compared to Federal Courts given what just happened to Fahad (and I would add to Dr. Aafia Siddiqui during her 3-week trial er Kangaroo Court as well) However, see the new potential "loopholes" below in this update with the release just out by Human Rights First. here

04/28 / Human Rights First dot org: Press Release: DOD Issues Newest Set of Rules; For MILITARY COMMISSIONS TRIBUNALS LIKELY TO FACE FURTHER CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGES - READ here

Intro into the Omar Khadr case here and GO to earlier Amnesty
report here

See Related NEW Amnesty International Release here

(Also watch Andy Worthington's site next week which may well cover some of Omar's case: andyworthington dot co dot uk or GO here

See these and more at nogitmos dot org
Reports about Omar Khadr Military Tribunal: (there are many now available)
04/29 / Al Jazeera / 'US seeks deal' in Guantanamo case
04/28 / Daphne Eviatar / Firedoglake / Omar Khadr hearing, update, April 28, 2010
04/28 / Steven Edwards / Canwest News Service (Canada) / 25- to 40-year jail term among terms offered in Khadr plea bargain


Find more ongoing RIGHTS items related to the "war on terror" and human rights at nomorecrusades dot blogspot dot com or GO here

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UPDATE: Note that today Andy Worthington dot co dot uk posted an article about Dr. Aafia Sidduqi May 7th 2010