Friday, April 23, 2010

OBAMA in Asheville, NC Today (Fri) : No More War: 4-6 p. m ET: Peace Rally on Charlotte St. Bridge

OBAMA is in Asheville, North Carolina this Weekend. Let's let him know that we expect him to live up to his Nobel Peace Prize!

"Accepting peace prize, Obama defends war" MSNBC caption Read the full text of Obama's speech : here and see hundreds of comments.

Always be as peaceful as possible. Peace is always possible. (Take off on a wise saying about kindness always being possible.)

Peacetown Asheville Announcement

WHAT: Welcome Barack Obama to Peacetown/Asheville and tell him: No More War.
(he's "vacationing" at the Grove Park Inn this weekend)

WHEN: Friday, April 23 from 4-6 p.m.

WHERE: Charlotte Street Bridge

Parking across from Starbucks on Charlotte Street. Bring your own signs, or we will have signs and banners at the demonstration.

Please alert your friends. The more people, the better. There will be international press in Asheville this weekend, and this is a chance to let the world know that Asheville stands for Peace, that we welcome Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama here, and that we say loud and clear No More War.

Demonstrations such as this are legal and have been done in the past without incident.

CONTACT: Steve Norris, 777-7816, for more information.
"The time is past when good women and men can remain silent, when obedience can segregate people from public risk, when the poor can die without defense." Daniel Berrigan


Afghan protesters shout anti-American slogans during a protest in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on April 12 after international troops opened fire on a bus carrying Afghan civilians, killing four people.

Civilian Deaths Threaten Support For U.S. Offensive by Jackie Northam Audio this am during Morning Edition 7 1/2 minutes: here

STOP BLACKWATER! (and other mercenaries/contractors/"special forces" here

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