Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A VICTORY in the case of US war resister Marc Hall!

Over the (past) weekend, (Iraq Veterans Against the War) IVAW learned that the Army has dropped all charges against Marc, and he has been released from confinement in Kuwait. IVAW's efforts along with Courage to Resist and the pressure of supporters like you successfully forced the Army's hand.

Marc had this to say via phone from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait:

"I'm out of the confinement facility! Thank you to everyone for all the efforts everyone made. Hopefully I'll be home very, very soon. I appreciate all of the love and support so many people gave me through my ordeal."

Marc had been detained for over 5 months and was recently shipped to Kuwait to face court martial over a song he recorded criticizing the Army's Stop Loss policy of involuntary extensions. He was due to be Stop-Lossed after already serving a tour of duty in Iraq.

Public pressure and donations to Marc's legal fund allowed his legal and support team to prepare an effective defense. After the Army learned that his civilian lawyer, David Gespass, had been approved for a visa to travel to Kuwait, they gave in. (Gespass serves as the President of the National Lawyers Guild.)

Hall will receive a general discharge under other than honorable conditions, which will prohibit him from receiving any military benefits. But Gespass is working to get his discharge upgraded. For now, Marc is just happy to be free and out of the military.

(for those who signed and supported this effort)

Your efforts have helped to free Marc. On behalf of Marc, we thank you.


Iraq Veterans Against the War

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