Monday, June 13, 2011

Check out No More Crusades...

Just tho't you might like to take a glance at No More Crusades?

Find these posts:

No Justice in Kafka’s America by Chris Hedges (just posted today, Monday)

Supreme Court: Is this the going trend? Immunity for people like Ashcroft?...

Supreme Court: The Ashcroft Community

"If the law does not protect Jose Padilla - it protects noone

Bitter Lemons Intl. Middle East Roundtable

Yemen and Syria

Camp Sol: Spain's "Indignant" Give Lessons in True nonviolent revolution...

Ireland -US- Other Nations? Time for Government (accountability)

KEY Debate Video on Torture & It's Role (or not) in Hunt (for OBL)

How Torture Hindered Hunt for OBL & more RIGHTS

The Storyteller's Daughter: One Woman's Return to (Afghanistan)

The Children of Gitmo (22 counted)

God Is Not a Christian - By Archbishop Desmond Tutu

New Memorial - Gaza City Port - 2nd Flotilla Set to sail...

And more at No More Crusades dot blogspot dot com...

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