Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rumi's "Ocean"


In play
waves mount
and bits of spray break away

We sparkle and dance above the waters
assuming we are free
We espouse self grandeur and independence
with memory lost of a distant sea
Yet we claim nothing but our moment in the sun

Held aloft by an invisible wind ignored
We dance in splendor and self amazement
while we argue if there even is a sea
and fight one another over its name
until we return to from which we came
And where before we asked how can this be
we now remember, we are the sea

All sorrows and sadness a simple ploy
the wind was Love, the dance was Joy


This Rumi poem was mentioned by the blogger at this interesting site here during a rich, expansive discussion of Allama Iqbal's work which is more needed than ever for our time.

* photo above found on a site for meditation without reserve of rights. I don't know enough about the site to endorse so will not add to this post but the photo is quite evocative.


Thinking said...

hmm...beautiful and thoughtful Connie...thanks for sharing.

Connie L. Nash said...

So glad to see your name here dear friend.