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UPDATED: Nonviolent Change in Milan

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I just posted a new article on nomorecrusades by former Democracy Now! writer on the nonviolent changes in Spain - GO here

Pressenza Pressenza International Press Agency Milano

The gentle force that changed Milan
Anna Polo

...Giuliano Pisapia has won the municipal elections in Milan, ending 18 years of right-wing government...the elections have shown a clear rejection by the Italians of a policy based on insults, threats and lies.

The gentle force that changed Milan

Pisapia's victory in Milan is the result of a compact alliance of all the leftist forces, but also of an awakening of the city and the involvement of thousands of volunteers of all ages, including many young people. For months they have taken action from the base, in all districts, to listen to the people and explain the proposals of the candidate to Mayor.

A gentle and open style opposed to the violent hysteria of the right, that did not hesitate, especially in the two weeks before the second round, to use every baseness: lies, insults and dirt blows, threatening images of a city that in the case of victory of the left would become an "Islamic gipsyland" dominated by gay and social centers.

In Milan there is an air of hope and openness that was not felt for a long time. It is as if people were finally freed from a heavy pall of pessimism, helplessness and resignation, rediscovering the pleasure of participation. The first request of the new Mayor to his supporters was, "Do not leave me alone. Only together we can change Milan ", followed by a commitment to give more powers and funds to the local councils and to consult the citizens before making decisions on key issues that affect them.

A good premise for the next five years of intensive work aimed at changing the city.

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