Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Peace March from Gujranwala to Lahore, Pakistan

Irshad with Azhar meet press - Pakistan

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Peace March from Gujranwala to Lahore in Pakistan

Pressenza Pressenza International Press Agency Lahore, 5/8/11 From the outset it was made clear that there was no restriction on participation, anybody can participate, and it is a self-reliant event. The distance of the march is 80Km.

“The purpose of this event is to highlight the issues of Peace and Non Violence in our region,” says humanist Irshad Ahmad Mughal. "We are marching against terrorist attacks, suicide attacks, foreign invasion, and against domestic issues that are forcing people to adopt violent reactions.”

(from first communique)

Peace-Marchers are excited to continue non-violence activities until the USA stops drone attacks and the killing of innocent people in the name of anti-Al-Qaida operations and providing ever more reasons, attempted justifications, and excuses to militants to retaliate with suicide attacks.

The Peace Marchers consist of 6 legal advocates, 14 activists from Khaksare, 4 individuals, 14 Humanists, all doing the March together. Various TV channels and newspapers have covered the March and covered proceedings with interviews.

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There is another peace event planned world-wide for 11th June: GO here


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Irshad Ahmad Mughal said...

Seond march from "Sheikhupura to lahore on Foot" will be done on 24th July 2011 against all types of violence in country. It is hoped 500 to 1000 people will participate in it.