Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Little Debate on Why our US policies on Iran MUST change : VIDEO

Here's an interesting COMMENT posted at Common Dreams February 2, 2012 : "I notice that the propaganda is hard at work here. Mr. Nasr refers to an acceleration of Iran's nuclear weapons program. Speaks of 'getting beyond the mushroom cloud.'

He and everybody else ignores the fact that the NIE of several nations, and the UN, have found no evidence of a nuclear weapons program. When that came out while we were being Bushwhacked, Israel immediately said we had to nuke them before they made a bomb. (The prediction at the time was that if Iran did begin a nuclear weapons program, it would take some ten years to produce a bomb.) The only reason the UN made a sort of washy comment last year that could be interpreted as Iran possibly having a weapons program is that we now have an American running the Agency, and most likely furthering the Obamanation's policies.

As to the threat of a nuclear attack by Iran, let's look at the facts. Israel has two to four hundred nuclear armed ICBMS. The US has over three thousand.

Picture Iran after ten years of sacrifice and effort producing a bomb, even two or three. They are going to fire a nuclear weapon at either of these crazies, knowing that they are just looking for an opportunity to turn their country into slag?

My main fear is that there will be a black op pointing to Iran and We the Sheeple will go along with it just like we did on 9/11. That missing cruise missile has had me uneasy for several years.

CLICK for video here of Jonathan Tepperman interviewing former Obama advisor and Iran expert Vali Nasr who explains how a White House push for escalating sanctions, and against negotiations, makes war, intended or not, more likely.

Whether the Commenter or the former Obama advisor is more correct, the thing we can all do is find our best and most creative ways to say NO to war and YES to Diplomacy. Find a place to gather and hold such signs on February 4 (SATURDAY) or go to and organize one on line. Be sure to make some attractive clear signs and flyers ASAP.
This boat at sunrise (internet cache) may be a beautiful reminder on a pamphlet cover that although there are seas between us, we still long for a world at peace and for such a lovely moment as this.

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