Wednesday, February 8, 2012

UPDATED: No Human Rights -- No Peace (Sites to Visit)

UPDATES added on 16 February 2012

See EI (Electronic Intifada) which is following the case of hunger-striker Khader GO here

Also see for ONGOING items of international concern or GOhere
Just a few days ago he placed an update on the case of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui


Before I take a short leave from my small contributions on current international peace/rights discussions -- in order to invest more time in writing, here's a post with suggestions for sites/issues I find worth watching:

I go often to David Swanson's site War is a Crime here since there you'll find items right up to date from a solid nonviolent position and often before you'll see these anywhere else. (The same is often true of World Can't Wait)

As mentioned on other blogs, the work of Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) can't be beat by any other consistent Lobby effort in DC and with Congress over time. Watch here for superb models, letters, updates written after the necessary homework well-done and with courtesy. For a recent blog GO here

Up-to-the-moment where Human Rights crosses the current of today's news, CLICK here for a recent article. Friends on various sides of the isle tell me that Bitter Lemons Round-Table and other contributions from all sides as well as that of the site Electronic Intifada (EI) are more balanced than many. I just keep going back to the real peacemakers whoever they are and find them often among Rabbis for Human Rights, The Parents Circle and among the Palestinians and Israelis who have thrown in their lives for the sake of peace minus violence. These are some of the bravest visionaries and activists who've ever lived on our planet.

UPDATES February 9, 2012 (leaving these ready to cut & paste):

Finally a strong challenge by dem senate of Obama on killing american terror suspects (but we need much more of a challeng which includes ALL assassinations and drone killings of non-americans as well.)

Documentation of severe ICE abuse here

Very helpful update on Gitmo lawyers with Andy Worthington (With Video) GO here

I plan to add more sites when I get time. Also, scroll through this blog as well as these two blogs I try to keep going: No More Crusades and The Journey of Hope blogsites.

Plz be sure to add your own responses and suggestions in the COMMENTS section...

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CN said...

Be sure to take a look at posting "The Election We Should Be Following" for February 7th on David Swanson's site -- (find link in post above) for a rundown of corporate culprits with current elections. Also keep following Dennis Kucinich work/campaign, as mentioned in that same post...